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Best 15 Entry Level work from home jobs

    Entry Level work from home jobs

    Entry Level work from home jobs : If you’ve just graduated from high school or are changing careers and are working in the industry for the first time, it can be helpful to understand your options. Entry-level jobs that also allow you to work from home may be even more visible now, as COVID-19 has forced many businesses to establish temporary, and in some cases permanent, remote or at least flexible work options.

    Below, we’ve compiled a list of good entry-level job openings for working from home that you might want to consider when you start your job search.

    Entry Level work from home jobs

    15 Entry Level work from home jobs

    There are many opportunities to work from home as a remote employee or entrepreneur with no experience. Many people choose to work from home to ensure their desired work-life balance.

    If you are new to the workforce and want to work from home, these positions have a low entry threshold:

    Entry Level work from home jobs

    1. Customer Service Representative

    The average salary in the country: $ 13.74 per hour.

    Main Responsibilities: A customer service representative is responsible for dealing with customers, answering questions, resolving problems, listening to complaints, processing orders, accepting payments, and informing customers about a product or service. They may operate somewhere that provides personal customer service, but there are also opportunities to provide customer service over the phone or email.

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    2. Data Entry Officer -Entry Level work from home jobs

    The average salary in the country: $ 14.51 per hour.

    Primary Responsibilities: The data entry clerk is responsible for performing the clerical task of entering data into the organization’s computer system. They receive, translate, organize, and enter data, and extract data that a manager might need for a report or presentation. Data entry clerks should maintain the database they are working with, error-free and easily accessible.

    3. Data transcriber

    The average salary in the country: 14.92 dollars per hour.

    Main responsibilities: The data decoder is responsible for listening to the recordings and translating what you hear into writing. They usually work in a computer system or program to enter information and data. Data decoders can even work on deciphering live events that they can attend remotely from their home.

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    4. Payment collection clerk-Entry Level work from home jobs

    The average salary in the country: 15.61 dollars per hour.

    Main Responsibilities: A payment collection clerk is responsible for liaising with customers who owe money on an unpaid bill. They may work for a credit card company or another company that often offers loans to consumers, or they may work for a firm that provides companies with payment collection services. The collection clerk calls consumers with the intention of receiving payment immediately. They can contact their list by phone or email.

    5. Technical Support Specialist-Entry Level work from home jobs

    The average salary in the country: 15.61 dollars per hour.

    Primary Responsibilities: A technical support specialist is responsible for working with customers to resolve technical problems that they may have on their computers or related programs. A person in this role who works from home will likely need to answer phone calls, use a messaging app to communicate with customers or answer questions, and provide solutions via email. They usually have guidance that they can refer to when problems arise that they are not familiar with.

    6. Social Media Coordinator

    The average salary in the country: 16.02 dollars per hour.

    Main Responsibilities: The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for creating content on the brand’s social media pages, creating and executing campaigns, and building a community by responding to comments. They may have goals to increase brand awareness or drive sales of a particular product or service. Social media coordinators usually work together with a social media manager or marketing director to develop an ad.

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    7. Content Writer

    The average salary in the country: 17.62 dollars per hour.

    Primary Responsibilities: A content writer is responsible for writing and creating blogs, social media posts, and other online sales copy for their audience. They can collaborate with editors, bloggers, and other marketers to create and improve their texts. A content writer can create clear, consistent, and engaging messages for a variety of audiences in a variety of industries.

    8. Virtual Assistant

    The average salary in the country: $ 18.67 per hour.

    Core Responsibilities: The Virtual Assistant is responsible for the general administrative responsibilities of its clients. They can schedule meetings, organize trips, make reports and presentations, make phone calls, and manage emails.

    9. English Teacher

    The average salary in the country: $ 18.88 per hour.

    Core Responsibilities: An English teacher is responsible for teaching students spelling, grammar, and English language comprehension. Someone who works from home without much teaching experience may qualify for an English teacher position for foreign language learners in another country. They typically create lesson plans, observe online exams, schedule and evaluate homework assignments, and send work reports to parents and guardians.

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    10. Freelance writer

    The average salary in the country: 21.35 dollars per hour.

    Main Responsibilities: A freelance writer is responsible for writing lyrics for the brand’s audience. You may not need to have a degree to work as a writer; If you have a natural writing talent or write as a hobby, you may be able to contact companies that will want to hire you to write for them. As a freelance writer, you can write creative content or something more exploratory. An employer may ask you to write content for advertising, social media, blog posts, emails, newsletters, brochures, magazines, product descriptions, or online courses.

    11. Proofreader

    The average salary in the country: 22.06 dollars per hour.

    Main responsibilities: The proofreader is responsible for editing written documents. These documents can be in print or online and can include anything from articles to books. Proofreaders should pay great attention to detail and have a good command of the language of the document being edited. The proofreader may need to check the facts in the report, perform an article quality check, and make sure that all suggestions sound good to the target audience.

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    12. Tutor

    The average salary in the country: 24.52 dollars per hour.

    Main responsibilities: The tutor is responsible for working with students so that they can better understand or master the subject. They can be an addition to the work a student does in school. The tutor seeks to better understand the student’s learning style, develop ways to teach the student, and explain topics that the teacher may not cover in the classroom.

    13. Account Manager

    The average salary in the country: 24.67 dollars per hour.

    Core Responsibilities: The account manager is responsible for being the primary point of contact between an organization’s staff and its customers. They usually have to create and maintain relationships with customers and ensure that all their needs are met by reporting customer-related matters to the appropriate person or team in their company. Account managers should also be able to submit progress reports to both clients and senior management, as well as work with the sales team to identify new business opportunities.

    14. Recruiter

    The average salary in the country: 27.67 dollars per hour.

    Main Responsibilities: The recruiter is responsible for selecting qualified candidates in the company who are currently hiring for open positions. They can review a candidate’s application, conduct initial interviews, provide information about insurance options and benefits, and negotiate salaries for the position.

    15. Quality Assurance Tester

    The average salary in the country: 30.04 dollars per hour.

    Core Responsibilities: A quality assurance tester is responsible for performing tests of programs and software to make sure they are working properly. The goal of a QA tester is to find any issues that need to be fixed before customers start using the program. They can obtain a set of standards and guidelines to follow when conducting testing.

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    Tips for finding an entry-level job at home

    Here are some tips on how to quickly find a remote job with no work experience:

    • Optimize your search: Focus on remote work with Indeed Job Search. You can filter the search results to include keywords like “remote work,” ” work from home,” “work from home, ” “at home,” or “remote work.” Using the “Advanced Job Search” link, you can also enter “deleted” as your desired location. To filter out job postings that are only looking for experienced candidates, use the “Experience Level” drop-down menu to select “Beginner Level.”
    • Showcase your skills: Since you don’t have much experience to highlight in your application, adapt your resume to highlight your relevant skills and education. You may already have a number of transferable skills acquired through internships, volunteering, or leadership positions in your institution’s organizations. Refer to a job posting when deciding which skills to recognize to make sure you match what they’re looking for.
    • Connect to your network: Guidelines are an important tool to walk in the door with any employer, but especially when it is necessary to establish trust for employees who will not be monitored in the office. Build your network by connecting with as many new people as possible in the industry you need – whether it’s at a virtual event or with a professional profile on a social media platform.
    • Entry Level work from home jobs
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