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Received a salary and did nothing”: 13 examples when money can get just like that

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    Making money can be very tiring, and the more valuable are the moments when we get something effortlessly.

    Readers of T-W shared stories about the easiest money in their lives: someone received them by mistake and could not return, someone won, and someone just very lucky. Let’s be happy for them together.

    These are the stories of readers from the T-G Community. Collected in one material, carefully edited and decorated according to the standards of the editorial board.

    EXAMPLE NO 1Generous compensation from an American startup

    Nikita Grishanov

    didn’t stay in the startup, but doesn’t worry

    Author’s Profile

    Got a job as a developer in an American startup remotely. He did not pass the probationary period and left the company after three months. Either out of the kindness of their hearts or by mistake, they transferred money to me for another three months, although nothing obliged them to do this. More than $ 10,000 in total turned out.



    EXAMPLE NO 2Unexpected premium in cryptocurrency


    paid for the operation to my mother

    Author’s Profile

    An unexpected premium, which was not agreed with the customer. I wrote articles for the crypto site, they launched so successfully that they transferred 150 thousand to me in cryptocurrency. After a month and a half, the money turned into 350 thousand, and I withdrew it. As it turned out, that’s right: now this coin has fallen threefold. I spent the money on a dental operation for my mother – without a premium for such expenses I would not have decided.


    That’s nice.

    EXAMPLE NO 3Scrap metal for 300 thousand rubles

    Ada Zhadan

    bought a house together with metal

    Author’s Profile

    I bought a house in the village, inexpensive at all. When working in the garden, I constantly came across some irons: rods, large wrenches, pipe trimmings. I collected everything in a heap. Even on the site there was a solid fence of thick sheet metal, greenhouses of the same metal and thick metal pipes. Gates that required a lot of effort to open them… I felt like a post-apocalypse heroine. Everywhere you look, there are red-brown sheets of metal. And the smell, especially in the heat, is appropriate, besides, in the summer it all heated up to such an extent that it left slight burns when touched.

    I spit on everything and hired two workers. They dismantled the entire fence, the greenhouses – everything was on large bolts – they added the metal found on the site. The amount for the surrendered metal turned out to be impressive – about 300 thousand. I bought the house for less… With this money, she built new greenhouses and a greenhouse, a fence and a bathhouse.



    EXAMPLE NO 4Victory in the All-Russian Olympiad of schoolchildren

    Angelina Leshchenko

    didn’t study for money

    Author’s Profile

    I became a prize-winner of the All-Russian School in social studies and received the Moscow prize of 300 000 R. On the one hand, I have been preparing for this and other Olympiads for two years, that is, for each month of preparation, I received 12,500 P. I prepared without courses and tutors, spent only on books, moved to the Moscow school a few months before the Olympics. On the other hand, since the premium and the upcoming presidential grant were an option, not a goal, the money is really easy — I didn’t try for it.


    Заслуженный приз

    ПРИМЕР № 5Удачная сделка с фотостоком

    Елена Гурьева

    ушла с фотостока с выгодой

    Профиль автора

    Я продаю на стоках векторные иллюстрации. Есть крупные стоки типа Shutterstock, Getty, а есть мелкие, которые продают плохо и редко. Я поначалу отправляла файлы на все, которые могла найти. Вот проходит год или около того, и я решила удалить портфолио с одного из них, написала им письмо: пришлите остаток денег — за все время не набралось даже на минимальную выплату — и удалите мои файлы. А они предложили выкупить их и продавать самостоятельно без эксклюзивности. Надо сказать, в начале моего стокерского пути картинки были простые, неказистые, и мне их было не жалко. Тем более не нужно было удалять их с других стоков. За все мое добро они прислали 90 000 Р.


    Всегда бы так

    ПРИМЕР № 6Игровой автомат и слепая удача


    нашел счастливую монетку

    Профиль автора

    В то время у нас на улицах стояли игровые автоматы «пятачки»: кидаешь пять рублей и надеешься на выигрыш. Я был студентом. Нашел рядом с автоматом пять рублей и почему-то решил кинуть в автомат, хотя никогда ни до этого, ни после не играл. А он взял и выдал мне 300 Р. Стипендия у меня была тогда 83 Р. Это самая приличная сумма, которую я получил без особых усилий.



    EXAMPLE NO 7Six months without a job, but with a salary


    didn’t do anything for fun

    Author’s Profile

    I was once hired as a sysadmin in my early youth. The task was as follows: a large company opens a representative office in my city, you need to submit to the contractor a technical task for the installation of a local network, accept his work, set up servers, workplaces, telephony, office equipment, and something else. After that, you need to sit on the accompaniment of all this good, buy consumables, arrange accesses – in general, nothing outstanding.

    They said that we were going to open in a month: now we will only finish the repairs, while we have to prepare the terms of reference and fly to the head office for a week on a business trip, get acquainted with everyone there. As a result, six months opened, I received a salary and did nothing all summer and autumn. I loved it.


    I want it too.

    EXAMPLE NO 8Mayor’s scholarship, which could not be abandoned

    Anastasia Grigorieva

    tried to get the money back

    Author’s Profile

    In the autumn, in the fourth year of the university, the educational part offered to participate in the career guidance program for schoolchildren and receive a mayor’s scholarship. I became interested, signed up for the training part, went to a meeting where this program was presented. Immediately at the presentation I realized that a rather large load is expected, which will conflict with my studies and scientific work. I warned the organizers and the training part that I would not participate, wrote an official statement of refusal.

    The school year is coming to an end, and I get incomprehensible money – 45,000 and 19,000, I think. I went to the accounting department of the university to find out – it turned out that this is the same scholarship. Honestly, I tried to return everything, went to the educational unit, to the deputy dean, everyone said: “We do not know anything, consider yourself lucky. Manage the money yourself.” I remember that I bought a laptop for 24 thousand, and the rest was probably spent on life – then there were not so many sources of income.


    Good story

    EXAMPLE NO 9Salary for games in the console

    Alina Alinina

    still wears commemorative merch

    Author’s Profile

    I consider my easiest money to be a promotional presentation of the PS4. For 12 o’clock two days we played in the shopping center in “Ployka” and lured people – it was super fun and very interesting. In addition to the main “salary”, we were given money for food and branded chic sweatshirts – 10 years have almost passed, they are still alive and happy every time. The level of organization, the energy, the equipment provided – everything was on top! There were such emotions that I wanted to pay myself to participate in this.


    I would like the same

    EXAMPLE NO 1015 minutes presentation for $1500

    Prosto Naprosto

    presented the idea to investors

    Author’s Profile

    I won’t say it was super easy, but still. I studied abroad at entrepreneurship courses, the result was the defense of my personal project completely in English in front of investors. I liked it, my idea too – I was given $ 1500 for a performance lasting 15 minutes. Cool speech experience.



    EXAMPLE NO 11Work as a photographer at the concert of the legendary band

    Tom Bombadil


    Author’s Profile

    I worked once as a photographer at the concert of the group “Aerosmith” in 2007. The staff photographer broke the DSLR, and I had – I had time to communicate with Tyler, and in front of the fan zone a concert shoulder to shoulder with Lagutenko to listen, and also paid money. The photos then went into the issue, again. An unforgettable evening, of course.


    Well, what can I say.

    EXAMPLE NO 1220 thousand for help with Apple’s idie

    Daria Brovkina

    becomes a hacker once a year

    Author’s Profile

    A friend, about the age of my mother, asked me to tell her about the settings in the iPhone. I showed and shared a few non-obvious features. She was so impressed that she asked for help a few more times. Then she said she still needed help transferring 100,500 photos from phone to phone, snapping Apple Watch, setting up Mac and iPad, installing apps and setting them up… Seeing my confusion — and I had already estimated that it would take me a few days — she said, “I’ll pay how much will it cost?” Agreed on 400 P per hour.

    As a result, everything turned out to be quite difficult for her. These were her daughter’s old gadgets tied to her Apple Idie that she didn’t immediately remember. In general, we managed to earn a total of 20 thousand, probably. And she still asks for help once a year with setting up a new phone for several years. He calls me a hacker and an iPhone specialist.


    Why not

    EXAMPLE NO 13Coins and nuts from mechanical protein


    shot the best of all

    Author’s Profile

    The year is 1980. Moscow Summer Olympics. Komsomol members were raised “in a rifle” – removed from their main job and sent to duty to protect order in aid of the police. I, a komsorg, with my group of four people worked daily for 12 hours on the territory of VDNKh, in the center, near the Cosmos pavilion. There were practically no Soviet citizens there, but there were a lot of visitors: groups of foreigners were brought, for some reason there were more French and Japanese. Next to the pavilions, slot machines were installed: you lower coins, press a button, the ball flies from top to bottom along the slalom, at the bottom it catches a squirrel; if caught, in exchange for a ball, a handful of hazelnuts pour into the hole, if not, no nuts or money. Foreigners really liked to play with the squirrel, but they left, as a rule, without nuts.

    In those years, I was fond of shooting from an air rifle, I was a “Voroshilov shooter” – out of 100 points I knocked out 98. While we were on duty all day, going around the pavilions and machines, I watched the players and looked at the algorithm of the ball movement. One evening, when there was almost no one at VDNKh, the duty was ending, I suggested that the group go play with a squirrel. The guys started first, and I watched. One of them had nuts sprinkled on one of them. Everyone else lost money. It was my turn. I made three moves. The first two were crowned with nuts, and after the third, both nuts and coins poured out. And there were so many coins that for the next two days we as a group had lunch with that money. For young people: in 1980, one ruble in a decent cafe could order a full lunch with hot cakes. I won the average engineer’s monthly award.