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Ideas for online business – top 10 proposals in 2023

    Want to start an online business in 2023?

    Ideas for online business – who would not want to earn extra! And why not change jobs and work in your pajamas, from home? After all, the working hours from 8 to 5 are already banal, annoying and not mandatory!

    But before you embark on the adventure and start your online business, you need to find out which one is right for you.

    Will you rely on your hobbies and interests to have fun working? Or will it be something beyond your knowledge that will require additional time and effort?

    People from all over the world need help to achieve their goals. Some want to be healthier through a balanced diet, others maybe want to learn to surf or play guitar? Or do they want to buy parts to assemble drones themselves?

    If you have the skills and know how to help these people — and can provide valuable solutions to their problems and questions — then, go ahead!

    Whether you’re looking for the best online business to start for free, or have one to invest, this post will help.

    Here are 10 online business ideas to start in 2023

    All these businesses provide the opportunity to make money. But in order for your business to work – it is good to take enough time to plan it at the same time – not to postpone starting it, so that it does not end up that someone has developed your idea while you wait… Choose your niche, give yourself to the maximum, build a long-term positive relationship with your customers and they will use your services again and again and recommend you!

    Now let’s introduce you to our ideas for online business. One of them may be your “magic idea.” 🙂

    1. Sell informative products

    selling information products

    Are you an expert in your field, or do you know more than the average user about a topic or skill?

    If you have enough knowledge in a topic – then you are 2 steps ahead in the answer to “Why start an online business?“. You potentially have the opportunity to make extra money every month without having to run an online store with physical products.

    You can use your knowledge and skills to help people, and earn some extra money with that.

    Settle in a niche that you will not get tired of – neither writing about it, nor learning about it. Passion is an important tool because it will give you the energy to move forward. Try to be the best.

    For this type of business, people create YouTube channels and sites, conduct webinars or write e-books to share their knowledge with others who may want to subscribe and even pay for that knowledge.

    Do you have a lot of travel advice? Do you know enough to teach people how to do digital marketing?

    Whatever the niche – as long as you have the skills and a strong desire to continue learning, then you can sell these solutions in the form of an informative product. This type of product is one of the largest groups in online marketplaces.

    And it doesn’t take much to get started. Start your own blog, save interesting videos, advertise on Facebook and build an audience. With 3.2 billion people (or 40% of the total population) who are internet users, there is no better time to seize this business opportunity.

    Few statistics

    • 8 out of 10 people from developed nations join online
    • 21 out of 61 people in developing countries use the Internet
    • About 40% of companies present their products and services using a blog (eMarketer)
    • 34% of Fortune 500 companies have had an active blog since 2008 (Forbes)
    • Companies with blogs have 97% more links to their website (HubSpot)

    Initial investment – 0 to 1500 BGN

    If you start with a YouTube channel, for example, your investment will be solely in terms of time, at least initially. You can shoot even with your phone, process the video again on it or on the computer and upload it – for free on YouTube. If you are going to blog, however, and you want to do it yourself – you will need to invest for domain and hosting. If you decide to pay a professional – then you have to pay for the construction of the site.

    2. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing

    Don’t have time to prepare your own products for sale? Why not use affiliate marketing to make money from home? With this business model, you can establish an online business by promoting the products of others on your site and selling them. This is one of the interesting ideas for online business, isn’t it?

    In this type of business, you need to focus on your niche and find a good affiliate partner. You should also become a copywriting professional and educate yourself in the use of effective conversion and sales techniques. That’s what affiliate marketers do, and so can you!

    Gaining enough experience in copywriting is a key factor here.

    You can promote physical or digital products, then set up affiliate links. Then – produce quality content that will make the user perform an action. In this case, click on the affiliate link and make a purchase.

    Every time a user clicks on the link and makes a purchase – you earn a percentage. It’s that simple!

    A little statistics about affiliate business

    • 15% of total digital advertising revenue is attributed to affiliate marketing(
    • Affiliate programs generate 15%-30% of all advertiser profits
    • More than 80% of brands use affiliate marketing. (Rakuten Marketing)

    Here are the top 10 affiliate niches:

    • Фитнес и загуба на тегло
    • Здраве
    • Срещи
    • Домашни любимци
    • Личностно развитие
    • Инвестиране
    • Правене на пари онлайн
    • Съвети за красота
    • Джаджи и технологии
    • Лични финанси

    Как да спечелите с афилиейт маркетинг

    За да спечелите с афилиейт маркетинг, предлагайте нещо стойностно и бъдете автентични. Целта ви е да изградите здрава връзка с потребителя. Това е особено вярно за мейл списъка ви.

    И можете да успеете с това само, ако сте честни.

    При афилиейт маркетинга вашата комисионна зависи от това, което продавате. В някои случаи това може да са 75% от печалбата при дигитални продукти. За физическите продукти, обаче, обикновено се печелят между 2% и 10 %. Продавайки стотици от тях – ще спечелите значително.

    Начална инвестиция – 100лв до 1500лв

    Ще ви е нужен сайт, в който след това да качвате добре написани публикации с афилиейт линкове към продуктите на вашите партньори. Ако направите сайта сами – следва да заплатите само за домейн и хостинг, което ще ви струва от 100лв нагоре. Ако искате, обаче да платите на професионалист, за да направи вашия сайт – тогава началната инвестиция ще е по-висока. В MySuper.Site, например, ще ви струва от 790лв нагоре.​

    3. Коучинг и консултации

    идеи за онлайн бизнес

    Хората купуват курсове и плащат за професионални съвети през цялото време.


    Защото е чудесен начин да успят в нещо, в което искате!

    Искате да научите как бързо да отслабнете? Ще се свържете с дузина треньора след само няколко търсения в Гугъл.

    Има постоянно търсене на треньори и консултанти в определени сфери – повечето от тях свързани със здравето, фитнеса и онлайн маркетинга.

    И тук се намесвате вие. Ако имате услуга, или тренировъчен курс, който можете да предложите онлайн – този тип бизнес е за вас.

    Независимо дали ще правите коучинг, курсове или консултации – ще ви трябват няколко неща. Мейл услуги и приложение за съобщения, календар за организиране на срещи, софтуер за видео разговори и система за плащания.

    You also need to set up customer relationship tools. These are: video calls, screen sharing, file transfer, group e-learning calls and webinars, live chat option. All of them will help you to be more effective in the services you will offer.

    Annual growth of the top 5 domains in the field of online consulting:

    • Health care – 7.1%
    • Education – 4.8%
    • Management – 3.6%
    • Marketing – 3.6%
    • Business coaching – 3.5%
    • Personal trainer – 3.2%

    Industries with the highest prices:

    • Strategic consultants
    • Operations – management
    • Human resources
    • IT specialists

    Once you open your doors globally, you can turn every skill into something to benefit from, while helping others develop or improve their skills.

    In this situation, everyone wins… Because you help others, and at the same time you earn money.

    Here are some pro tips to take your business to the next level:

    • Focus on filling gaps in the niche
    • Establish relationships with customers, profits come in second place
    • Provide results
    • Offer flexible payment methods
    • Collect customer reviews
    • Continue to improve your skills

    And one more thing – if you want to earn monthly from your activities – think about introducing a paid membership program. As long as consumers continue to subscribe to your courses, your business will continue to grow. And the profit with him.

    Initial investment – 0lv up to 2000lv

    You can start without investing money. Most email marketing platforms offer free mailing to a certain number of recipients. There is also free software to monitor your calendar, free video calling apps and PayPal registration, for example, is also free. Over time, however, it would be good to consider organizing all this into a site that will save you the technical activity and focus mainly on coaching.

    4. Sites with membership

    “Recurring income is the Holy Grail of income!”

    And the best thing about membership programs is that they allow you to do one type of work every month – and sell it hundreds, and why not thousands of times. Over and over again.

    What do you include in your membership program to make it successful?

    You need to “turn” the program around something you have experience with. Something with which you have had excellent results and which is difficult for others.

    In reality, that could be all. But the idea of running a membership program is to help people succeed at something they don’t know how to — and pay you for easy access to information.

    Why are membership sites a good idea for business?

    Membership sites are a good idea for an online business because once you make a sale – you can continue to earn from it for months… or even years to come.

    As long as you provide valuable services to your clients, your membership program will continue to work for you — and you’ll earn on a monthly basis.

    Initial investment – 0lv up to 1800lv

    You’ll need a site where people can subscribe, pay their membership fee, and access member-only content. Of course, and here you can try to make such a site yourself, but given the technical specifications, it would be better to trust a professional.

    SEO Writing and Content Management

    5. Sale of digital marketing services

    Selling Digital Marketing Services

    Digital marketing services enable local businesses to advertise to many people, many more people than they could reach without an online presence. It is not a little popular for a business to be on Facebook, Google, Instagram.

    Digital marketing is much bigger than regular online advertising.

    The goal is to help businesses show up more to potential customers, and it’s a great opportunity to make money from home. Are you able to create a successful local marketing strategy that works – and you are in the game.

    Why not start an internet business selling digital marketing services? Here are some ideas:

    Graphic design

    Graphic Design

    Do you have a passion for design? It’s time to sell your talent to business owners looking for someone to make them a logo, business cards, promo flyers, etc. Make your first projects for free, or for a small amount to get started and use in your portfolio. This is one of the popular ideas for online business.

    SEO Content Writing and Management

    Do you handle words well, or are you a SEO genius, or both? Then you’re in front of a gold mine! A good website is nothing without showing up on Google. And that’s why businesses need a person with the skills to climb these sites forward in search results.

    If you love learning, understand SEO and content management and are ready to dedicate yourself to it – you can make your own website. And then you can focus your online business on this type of digital marketing service.

    Here are some quick facts about SEO and content management:

    • 53% of online marketers use blogging as an H1 strategy in 2017 (HubSpot)
    • In 2017, traffic to online stores was mainly due to email marketing and SEO, and other channels were less used (Marketing Sherpa)

    If you are good at SEO and can create excellent content that is worth reading – then you have many valuable digital marketing skills that are very important for any type of business.

    Offering this type of service to market is a great way to establish your online business. And also to win a lot.

    Social Media Management

    Social Media Management

    Харесвания, споделяния и ангажираност в социалните медии – това е един от доказаните начини за компаниите да се покажат в онлайн бизнес света. Също така – последователите в социалните медии могат да се превърнат в клиенти.

    Възможно ли е да стартирате бизнес като консултант по социални медии?

    Много от бизнесите възлагат управлението на социалните им мрежи на хора, които могат да създават публикации и да ги споделят сред платформите. Правят това, за да достигнат до нови аудитории, и да представят продуктите и услугите си на повече хора.

    Но, има ли място за вас в тази ниша? Ако сте добри в това, можете да опитате да продавате този туп услуга.

    • 30% от времето, прекарано онлайн е в социалните медии
    • На ден има 8 милиарда гледания на видеа, публикувани във Фейсбук
    • 96% от потребителите (18-34 години) гледат видео поне няколко пъти на седмица
    • 75% от поколението на хилядолетието гледат видеа всеки ден

    Което означава…

    • 80% от онлайн трафика от консуматорите ще идва от видеа до 2020 (Source: Animoto)
    • Всеки ден потребителите гледат над 100 милиона часа видео съдържание във Фейсбук (Source: MediaKix)

    Както виждате, потенциалът да продавате дигитални маркетинг услуги във формата на управление на социални медии и да печелите от това е огромен. Затова – ако можете да пишете, и също така ефективно да управлявате нуждите на даден бизнес в социалните медии – този тип онлайн бизнес е за вас.

    Начална инвестиция – 0лв до 1200лв

    Можете да започнете и само със страница в социалните мрежи, за да покажете своя опит и да се свържете с клиенти. Но, социалните профили НЕ са достатъчни, те следва само да подкрепят вашия бизнес, а не да са основния начин, чрез който се представяте пред света. В един момент следва да обедините информацията за себе си, услугите си, клиентите си и портфолиото си в сайт. Както и относно всичко описано до сега – ако го направите сами, ще ви струва само цената за домейна и хостинга, а можете да се доверите и на професионалисти.

    6. Фрийлансинг и виртуална асистентска работа

    freelancing virtual assistant

    Фрийлансингът всъщност ви дава възможността да стратирате по-лесно, вместо да основавате цяла дигитална агенция.

    Очевидно – можете да сте фрийлансър в области като СЕО, копирайтинг и т.н. Но, можете да правите и неща като редактиране на видеа, аудио, превеждане на документи, книги и т.н.

    The main thing you need to start as a freelancer is experience. Advertising can also be challenging, but finding customers becomes easier once you put in enough effort.

    How to start as a freelancer?

    First, you need to understand what you are good at.

    Are you comfortable with Photoshop? Or are you a web developer? Can you make an app? Do you have experience with search engines? Are you good at editing?

    For this type of business you need to stake your skills and strengths. But it continues to be among the popular ideas for online business in 2020.

    Focus on a niche you love.

    To get a job as a freelancer, at this point, it’s important to find other businesses (including e-commerce businesses) that want to pass some of their work on to another.

    Initial investment – 0lv up to 1200lv

    You can also start with just a page on social networks to show your experience and connect with customers. But social profiles are NOT enough, they should only support your business, not be the main way you present yourself to the world. At some point, you should combine information about yourself, your services, your customers and your portfolio into a website. As well as everything described so far – if you do it yourself, it will cost you only the price for the domain and hosting, and you can also trust professionals.

    7. SAAS – software as a service

    Software As A Service

    Want to solve people’s problems with software, or become a software developer? If so, then SAAS may be the perfect option for an online business in your case.

    People will happily pay, subscribe, and use software that satisfies their needs.

    Here’s how to start SaaS as an online business from home:

    First, create a program or software product that will help your customers. You can do it or hire a specialist. You can start selling the product and also offer subscription plans.

    Can you imagine what problems people face, and build a software solution to those problems? If so, people will be happy to pay for your product.

    This is especially true if they cannot find the solution elsewhere.

    SaaS пазарът става все по-голям.

    • 33% от компаниите използват повече SaaS приложения, средно 16 приложения на компания
    • Очакваният ръст на SaaS пазара до 2020 е $76 милиарда
    • 80% от крайните потребители в САЩ предпочитата SaaS и клауд-хоствани приложения за организиране и комуникация, за сравнение с 51% през 2016

    Знаете ли, че 4 големи тех компании, като Microsoft, CA Technologies, SAP, и IBM, са преминали към развиване на SAAS продукти? Както виждате – това е доста печеливш онлайн бизнес.

    Начална инвестиция – 0лв до 2000лв

    Here the niche is quite highly specialized, suitable mainly for programmers and it is difficult to specify any prices. But, let’s say that you invest nothing but knowledge and time – then starting such a business will be free. If, however, you need to sell this product through an online store for digital products – you may also need to invest finances.

    8. Sell handmade products

    sell handmade goods online

    Knitting, sewing, making jewelry… There are many handmade goods on the market, and unfortunately – people often give up this option because it is not as “luxurious” as other ideas for online business.

    But this is a very lucrative business, for which there is a large market.

    Especially for this type of goods that are made with a certain background.

    E.g… Let’s say your baby has sensitive skin and can’t use a regular lotion. Maybe it’s getting kicked because the skin is so sensitive. But if you manage to combine natural products to do the job – this is actually something very big! This is a real and very, very valuable product! The actthat you can present it with a true story of life is very powerful.

    Where to sell handmade products?

    Think of the local shops! You don’t have to sell online. So you can more easily ask for their opinion, improve the product, find a solution for other problems.

    What products can you make?

    The most important question is “What things do you like to create?”

    You can make soaps, sell them on Etsy, or even better in your own online store, make jewelry, candles… The possibilities are limitless!

    Focus on your passion, what you love to do and what you are good at. Invest and creativity.

    Liked a great soap on Etsy? Buy it, cut it into smaller pieces, repack it and resell it. Look for unique opportunities and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

    Initial investment – 0lv up to 1200lv

    You can sell in stores close to you, on sites such as OLX and Bazaar, on Etsy. Of course, they will all have their own conditions, deductions, and at some point – a taxi. And although free initially – later you will not be very comfortable. If you make an online store – then you will invest a little more, but in the long run you will work real for yourself.

    9. Influencers (podcasting)

    Today, people listen to podcasts more than ever, and the number is growing every year.

    This profession is becoming quite respected and becoming more popular every day.

    Listening to podcasts is much more in-depth than watching the evening news. It’s also more interesting than scanning social media posts or watching short videos and videos.

    When you listen to a podcast, you get real in-depth information. And you get not only an in-depth discussion on a topic, but also learn other facts, history, contexts related to the topic.

    How to make money as an influencer?

    Making money as an influencer starts with chasing your passion, and basically starting an authoritative podcast about what you love.

    These could be sports, drones, card collection, video games, photography, musical instruments, fitness, politics… What you like to talk about and/or practice in life.

    Then continue with the work on it. Keep generating content, posting, learning – and you’ll get deeper and deeper into the topic.

    Then you will become an expert on the subject. Once this happens, you will gain more and more followers and find different earning opportunities.

    You can find sponsors, make deals with brands – there are many ways to profit from this activity.

    But, the most important element to succeed as an influencer is a simple… You must continue to create and publish content.

    Initial investment – 0lv up to 1000lv

    Your podcast doesn’t require finances to get started. Promoting it on social networks as well. Of course, at some point you will want to combine all your work in a way convenient for you and your users and you will want to make a site, and why not sell merch?

    10. Drop shipping

    Ideas for online business

    And finally, drop shipping.

    To sell a product, you need an inverter, right? Well, things don’t work like that anymore — since there’s been drop shipping.

    What is an online drop shipping business?

    It’s very simple. You sell a product, the customer orders it, the supplier delivers it to the customer, and you earn a portion of the profit.

    The process saves you the demand for a warehouse for storage and eliminates your worry about delivery. You only need to manage an online store, collect payments and offer excellent services to users.

    When dropping, you manage your online store, upload product photos, manage sales and communicate with customers. When someone orders a product – the delivery is borne by a third seller.

    All this means that you have zero inverter to manage, and you have no storage problems to solve. You should only worry about your website, uploading photos and have excellent communication with your customers. That’s it.

    But it is very important to choose your product supplier carefully! You don’t want to work with scammers, but with a partner you can trust.

    We offer different packages for online stores and drop shipping.

    Initial investment – 100lv up to 2000lv

    Of course, again you can try to make your own drop shipping online store and invest only for domain and hosting. If you choose to turn to a professional – you will need to invest a little more.

    Identify your audience to make your online business work

    It’s very cool to imagine yourself making tons of money with all these business opportunities, but, like any new business challenge, you have to have the right ingredients to make it work.

    The most important component of online business is the audience. This audience should become your loyal customers.

    Start your online business today! We have presented you the popular ideas for online business for 2023.

    With minimal start-up costs and potential large profits, with more freedom, online business will become more attractive in the future. There will probably be obstacles in the way, but this is normal when you start.

    If you love what you do and it’s something you want to constantly improve and train in – you have a very solid foundation. Follow the news in your field, stay connected to your audience, expand your products and services, and give the best service you can – and you’ll stand out from the competition.


    What are the best online business ideas for 2023?

    You can sell informative products, lead affiliate marketing, engage in drop shipping, influencer or sell handmade products. For more ideas – read the article.

    What investment does it take to get started?

    Some of the ideas require only an investment of time, while others imply the creation of a site, which can cost you from 100 BGN to 2000 BGN.