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    Let’s take a step-by-step example of setting up the sale of video courses on Vigbo. This example shows the option of selling courses for photographers, but you can similarly set up the sale of courses on any topic.

    1. Create a page on the site where the course content will be located. To do this, click the Add button and in the window that opens, specify the name of the page.


    If there are several courses, then create a separate page for each of your courses.

    2. Next, fill the pages with information. You can place videos, texts, materials for download. All those materials that the buyer should have access to after purchasing the course.

    3. Set passwords on the created pages. With the help of a password, your buyer will be able to access the course materials in the future.


    4. Make sure that the pages you created are not available for public viewing on your site, i.e. checkbox Display is disabled.


    5. In the store, create a digital product for each course. Add in the product a detailed description of the service, the cost and all the important information for the buyer.

    6. In the File download link field, enter a link to the previously created page with a password. Use a space to enter your password to log in to the page.


    Thus, after paying for the goods in the store, the buyer will receive a link to the page and a password to it in the letter.


    7. Add a payment method that’s right for you to the Store > Sales > Payment Methods.


    8. Edit, if necessary, the text of the order notification letter in the Store section > Settings > Notifications > Notifications of receipt of an order for a digital product.

    IMPORTANT: When editing the text, you can not delete the {download_link} variable, as this will lead to the fact that the buyer’s letter will not have a link leading to the paid content page.


    9. Next, we recommend creating a page on the site that will display a list of your video courses and their description. To do this, click the Add button and in the window that opens, specify the name of the page.


    10. Fill the page with information: post photos with a brief description of the courses offered, make this page attractive to buyers. Example:


    11. For easy navigation, make a button under the description of the service with a link to the previously created digital product, which will redirect the buyer to detailed information about the rate and payment.


    Check how the purchase course is displayed and works on the site.