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How to quickly earn $ 100 in 1 day: 36 creative ways

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    There are many ways to earn $100 a day. Today we will consider some of them that may help you.

    First of all, it is worth noting that to get this money you will have to work hard. But for responsible people who are ready to take on the most difficult tasks, there is always a way to make quick money on the Internet.

    How to quickly earn $ 100 in 1 day: 36 creative ways

    As a rule, people are looking for sources of additional income for the following reasons:

    The first piece of advice that immediately comes to mind is investing in yourself. Pay attention to self-learning, improve your skills and achieve promotion. This alone, often, allows you to significantly increase the level of your income. True, this will take a lot of time and effort.

    Of course, the options from the list below will allow unqualified people to earn money. Students and the unemployed. In the end, there is a case for everyone. You just need to show patience and perseverance.

    36 Ways to Make $100 Online Quickly

    Often it is quite a serious approach to some of your own hobbies. Instead of watching movies and TV shows, start working on your own skills. You will be surprised what can be achieved in just a couple of hours a day, if you approach work systematically and do not make concessions to yourself.

    1. Take part in research

    The perfect place to get started without complicated practical skills. Many large companies regularly conduct various studies in focus groups, bringing a new product to the market, or understanding the reasons for the decline of existing ones.

    A striking example is the User Interviews platform. It is engaged in the selection of qualified respondents for further provision to large customers.

    The company hires people around the world and invites them to participate in research when the required focus group matches a certain set of parameters. The fee ranges from $75 per 30 minutes to $450 dollars per hour when it comes to highly specialized and complex topics.

    How to make money on the Internet 150 dollars in 2 hours

    User Interviews is engaged in the selection of respondents in such areas as:

    • Technology;
    • Food;
    • consumer goods;
    • family;
    • software;
    • hobby;
    • sport;
    • Pets;
    • transport;
    • beauty and health;
    • social networks;
    • music.

    And this is only a part of the spheres of active life of almost any person, suitable for many companies conducting their own research.

    In general, the process of cooperation with User Interviews can be described as follows:

    1. You apply for research categories that you believe are relevant to your knowledge and skills.
    2. Employees of companies conducting research study questionnaires and select the most suitable candidates for places in focus groups.
    3. If you are sent an invitation, you just need to discuss the most appropriate time to participate.
    4. Upon completion, payment is made via PayPal, cash or Amazon gift cards.

    An analogue of User Interviews can be considered This project is engaged in the search for professionals living both in the United States and in other countries. They pay between $25 and $250 per study. You only need a PayPal account and an active Facebook or LinkedIn account to log in.

    2. Earn on surveys

    Of course, online surveys are valued much less than full-fledged studies. Nevertheless, this is one of the easiest and most understandable ways to earn extra money.

    There are many different sites that invite you to participate in surveys, but most of them can be described as extremely dubious.

    Nevertheless, among such projects you can find sources of income. Note the likes of Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

    How to make money from surveys on the Internet

    Swagbucks is quite a good resource with polls. You can earn there, although not as much as, often, you want.

    Survey Junkie is another project, with a relatively simple qualification confirmation process.

    Of course, you will not become a millionaire in online surveys. This is rather a dust-free hack, which allows you to receive additional income.

    3. Become a professional buyer

    Today, services engaged in the delivery of goods from various stores are already widespread. Moreover, this applies not only to ready-made food from restaurants.

    People are starting to buy more and more goods with delivery. And when it comes to stores that do not provide such a service, various independent contractors take up the case, who, for a small fee, will deliver you anything.

    All sorts of options for beginners can be found on the SuperJob website.

    Potentially, this is one of the most simple, understandable and profitable sources of income. The ability to make a flexible schedule and choose the orders that you would like to fulfill, make this direction so attractive.

    4. Watch videos for money

    There are services, like InboxDollars, which provide their audience with the opportunity to earn not only on surveys, but also on viewing a variety of previews, TV shows, celebrity commercials, news programs and the like.

    Watch videos for money

    All that is required of you is to visit the project website and register. After that, you will have access to a playlist with videos, the viewing of which is paid by the system.

    Payment can be in the form of gift cards or real money. With the right approach and a small share of luck, you can earn very good money in a month.

    5. Rent advertising space on your car

    In the Global Network there are many different commercial projects. One of them is Wrapify. This service recruits to its ranks neat drivers without criminal records who are ready to place on the surface of their car various promotional materials from sponsors.

    Specifically, Wrapify needs a person to travel about 50 miles a day. If the driver meets the requirements, the sponsors can conclude a contract with him for a period of 1 to 12 months. With payment up to $452 per month.

    Rent advertising space on your car

    6. Sell diy-made things

    Any creative person can sell their creations via the Internet. Depending on the niche to which your hobby belongs, the profitability of the work is simply incredible.

    The main problem is that not all needlework is appreciated by potential buyers. In order to check whether there is a demand for your products, just try to sell them through the services of placing free ads.

    7. Download mobile applications for earnings

    On the expanses of the Google Play Store and AppStore, you can find developers who are willing to pay you for the installation and active use of certain software.

    If we talk about the United States, then for residents of this country there is an application Nielsen. It pays $50 per year to all registered users who are constantly working with their application. Their software collects data about the sites visited and the time spent on each of them.

    Then there’s UpVoice. The developer of this softina offers Amazon gift cards for $ 75 for using the application and regularly browsing certain sites. It could be YouTube, Twitter, Linked, or Amazon.

    The application will collect data on the viewed advertising for the entire time of your sessions and analyze the range of your interests. Thus, they collect various creative ideas for large brands.

    The main point here is your anonymity. That is, the developer does not provide your personal data to the customer. Instead, the company receives a list of interests of certain groups of users who fall into a particular focus group.

    7.1 Encourage other people to install apps

    The second option for making money on mobile applications is to bring advertisers users for their services. It can be mobile games, banking applications, online stores and other useful businesses.

    How much you can earn on mobile applications

    I have a few practical examples (cases) of how this can be done on my blog:

    8. Pets allowed

    Looking after other people’s pets is also a good source of additional income.

    Many people today are willing to pay money for walking dogs or something similar. Such work is suitable for a person who is looking for additional sources of income, in his free time from the main work.

    If we talk about commercial projects, they are engaged not only in direct walking. The range of services provided also includes a dog boarding school, a kindergarten, as well as the usual supervision of the house and the animals located there.

    Thus, employees of such services can earn up to $ 100 per week, dealing with other people’s pets.

    9. Teach kids online

    Teaching children can be incredibly difficult. Especially when it comes to such areas that they are not interested in at all. But you can teach not only academic disciplines.

    Qualified professionals can earn tens of thousands of dollars by teaching children complex sciences in advanced pedagogical practices. However, it is worth starting small.

    Choose some kind of your own hobby, to which you devote or have given a large amount of time and in which you have achieved certain successes. It can be playing musical instruments, cooking, needlework, vocals, drawing, acting, programming or anything else.

    There are a variety of services, such as OutSchool, that aggregate offers from tutors and parents. All you need is a computer with Internet access, a decent camera and the desire to transfer your knowledge and skills to the younger generation.

    Sites, at the same time, take a percentage of your income and do not control the price tags for classes. Therefore, everything will depend entirely on you.

    10. Earn money by playing games

    Most modern young people spend a lot of time playing all sorts of games on their smartphones. But is it possible to earn on such a pastime? As it turned out, it is quite real.

    Earn money by playing games

    As an example, consider the Mistplay service. This is a completely legal application for Android, paying rewards for the active use of various software products. To get started, you’ll need to:

    • download and install the application;
    • Download the game from the list to your device;
    • after a few minutes of playing, you will receive the internal currency;
    • provide your opinion about the time spent to the developer for additional remuneration.

    Thus, applications are tested before entering the market. Developers can pay good money to testers. True, it is incredibly difficult to get into the ranks of official testers. While to participate in open testing for a small fee is quite realistic.

    In this way, it will be difficult to earn serious money. But you can discover a small additional income, not excluding from your own schedule the time for games.

    11. Walk for money

    There are applications with rewards for active sports. If you try to walk regularly, such as taking 10,000 steps every day, you can spend this time with even greater benefit.

    Install the Sweatcoin app on your phone and get symbolic rewards for working on your own health. Of course, it will not be possible to earn any serious money on this. But you will receive some benefits for what you do, in any case.

    12. Become a Virtual Assistant

    Today, work as an assistant at home has become especially relevant. Just a few hours a day can bring you good money. As a rule, there is a demand among customers for people with the skills of administration, writing and designing articles, familiar with the internal structure of blogs and accounts in social networks.

    You may be required to maintain activity in the blog or community, moderating walls and comments. The range of tasks here is incredibly wide.

    Depending on your own set of skills, you need to choose the most suitable vacancy. The demand for virtual assistants is growing at an incredible rate. So, finding a profitable place is not as difficult as it may seem.

    13. Answer questions online

    Many modern services allow you to make money on expert opinion. True, for this you will need to be this very expert.

    The JustAnswer project includes doctors, engineers, programmers, lawyers and many others, even plumbers. The list of specialists at the service is really impressive. They answer users’ questions, helping them in solving pressing problems.

    14. Freelance

    There are still a lot of services for freelancers. If you are able to perform any useful work in the vastness of the Global Network, you can always find customers. Moreover, the range of orders is much wider than you can imagine.

    On what you can make money on the Internet

    It’s not just about copywriters and programmers. It’s easy enough to find a job as a social media manager, tutor, accountant, artist, proofreader, transcriptionist, and more. The level of income in this case will depend on your qualifications and existing experience.

    15. Take people

    Many people today work part-time as taxi drivers. Fortunately, Uber and Yandex Taxi make this work much easier and safer.

    It is always necessary to remember that the income from the work performed is higher than the depreciation of the vehicle, taking into account repairs and fuel. On a private cab, it is quite possible to earn about $ 100 per day. True, you will have to try.

    16. Deliver food

    Another good way to earn extra money for car owners. If you do not want to let strangers into your car and deliver them, then you can always switch to ready-made food and deliver it from restaurants to customers.

    In Russia, the leaders of this direction are undoubtedly Yandex Food and Delivery Club. Almost nothing is required from the deliverers. You just need to bring the order to the client in a timely manner.

    How much can you earn on food delivery

    Today, even payment, in most cases, is made online through a bank account. Therefore, you do not have to bother with both change and reporting.

    17. Shipping for Amazon

    Amazon Flex allows you to earn from 18 to 25 dollars per hour, so the cherished $ 100, with a small share of luck, is earned in 4 hours.

    In fact, it’s something like express truck delivery. You receive the parcel at one of the partner companies and then take it to your destination. People order goods daily, so you can choose any, convenient for you, work schedule.

    18. Monetize your art

    Doing art, seriously and not so much, you can sell finished products through specialized services.

    You can sell T-shirts, mugs, canvases or similar crafts through services such as, for example, Printify.

    There are other marketplaces, such as Artfinder. Well, in the case of a commercially successful enterprise, you should think about creating your own store on Shopify.

    19. Get cashback for purchases

    Many people do not know that when making purchases in ordinary stores, you can, subsequently, use receipts to get cashback. To do this, there are various applications that allow you to download food receipts to get discounts on various products.

    Application to get cashback

    Many such applications allow you to save up to 5-7% of your own money. It would seem that this is just a discount on what you may not need, but in fact, users really save money with such applications. You just need to install it and start using it, and the result will not be long in coming.

    20. Become a tester

    Many developers of sites and applications hire temporary workers who will be engaged in testing and debugging finished products. If you know how to competently work with sites and applications, identifying shortcomings and vulnerabilities, be sure to try yourself in the role of a professional tester.

    All that is required of you is a serious approach to business and timely feedback that can really improve the finished product. As an exchange of potential employers, you can pay attention to such sites as UserTesting or BetaTesting.

    The number of orders available will largely depend on the devices you have at your disposal. Be that as it may, but for one full-fledged testing they pay from $ 10 to $ 25.

    21. Write texts

    There will always be a demand for ready-made content. People will not stop reading texts and receiving useful information through them. The global network will never give up billions of pages of printed text, carrying information, literally, about every aspect of the world around us.

    Freelance exchanges, suitable for beginners and experienced writers, are widely represented both in the domestic and foreign segments of the Internet. Many customers are looking for employees for a long period with a large amount of work.

    How to make money quickly on the Internet (example)

    Having found a suitable place, you can start earning seriously. True, this is hard and monotonous work, so correctly assess your strength before you take up the order.

    22. Start a blog

    As a rule, successful moneymakers advise you to start a blog first. After all, publishing your successes, sharing thoughts and experiences, you will gather around you an audience that will subsequently begin to bring you income.

    It will be possible to earn money through affiliate marketing, direct advertising placements or sales of your own products. It all depends only on the direction you choose and the specifics of the activity.

    This work involves a minimum initial investment. You will have to buy a domain name and pay for hosting. Use the free engine, choose the right template and start filling your own page with useful information.

    23. Launch an online store

    There can be several ways to achieve what you want.

    First, you can create something for sale yourself. Moreover, they sell literally everything that can only come to mind. From complex computing devices to ordinary branches from a tree plucked near the house. The profitability and success of the enterprise will depend on your creativity and ability to properly present the goods to consumers.

    The second method involves that you buy goods in bulk from the direct manufacturer, and then sell it at retail, with a certain margin. In this case, certain initial investments are required. In addition, all risks, in the absence of demand for products, completely fall on you. As well as keeping accounting records and paying taxes.

    24. Create online courses

    Another option for making money on your own skills is to teach other people what you know and can do. It can be incredibly difficult to do. Never underestimate the amount of work that professional teachers and instructors do. After all, it depends on them whether you will successfully undergo training or drop everything halfway.

    There are thematic platforms that act as an aggregator of training offers. On them, teachers from all over the world offer their own services and share their knowledge with students.

    25. Complete simple tasks

    It is quite natural that many people are not willing to perform a variety of routine operations. This can be cleaning the garden area, mowing the lawn, assembling furniture, washing the apartment or something else. There are many such tasks for people, but ideally they should all be fulfilled. After all, the quality of your life depends on it.

    An example of simple work

    So, many people outsource such routine work. That is, they pay others to do the work for them. Depending on the range of your skills, you need to look for offers from employers to fulfill certain orders. This is how most of the repairers and finishers involved in the repair of premises work today.

    26. Sell unnecessary things

    One of the fastest ways to earn $100. Sell what you don’t use and that only takes up space in your home. Almost every person will find such things. We are constantly acquiring various items, imagining how we will use them every day. But in fact, they gather dust on the shelf or in the cabinets, bringing absolutely no benefit.

    Trading platforms for the independent sale of property today abound. Just go to Craigslist and create an offer there. Attach to the description and the declared cost several photos that clearly demonstrate all the charms of the goods for sale.

    It is worth noting right away that you will receive a certain number of useless reactions. It can be resellers or just people who want to get something for free. Be prepared for possible unpleasant situations and be patient. After all, if you do not have enough of it, then you will simply scare off the real buyer.

    Many people are constantly selling things through such marketplaces. Earning money in this way, you can improve your life quite well. Just remember that you should not sell what you need.

    27. Rent a room

    If you have your own accommodation with several rooms, you can always find yourself tenants. There are many services that help people find homeowners who are ready to settle tourists or ordinary cohabitants.

    Earn $100 Quickly on Rental Housing

    This way of earning is especially relevant in those regions where major sports or cultural events take place. Even if guests come to you for only a few days, they usually pay incomparably more for accommodation. After all, it is important for them to settle in a place from where they can easily get to the venue of the event.

    28. Do proofreading and editing

    Professional proofreading and proofreading is not an easy task. You need to be fluent in the language and have just incredible attention. After all, in the vast majority of cases, you will have to read huge, complex and tedious texts.

    But if you are able to cope with such tasks, then you can earn quite well. There are as few proofreading specialists as there are job offers for them. Therefore, you will have to try to find customers.

    29. Sell photos

    All photography lovers can earn money on all sorts of stock photo agencies. At the same time, you do not have to be a professional. It is enough to collect a decent portfolio and constantly update its contents with fresh works. Payment depends on the number of downloads of your images by visitors to the trading platform.

    30. Sell unnecessary clothes

    You will be surprised to learn how many people buy clothes on the secondary market. Used wardrobe items will quickly find their new owners. Only you will help out on such sales significantly less than the cost of new products.

    However, many people collect huge amounts of clothing that they never wear in their lives. So why don’t you sell it to someone who will use it for its intended purpose.

    31. Teach languages

    If you know the language well, you can always find people who want you to teach them. True, the greatest demand in this case applies only to English. However, other languages have their own target audience willing to pay for lessons. You just need to work on yourself, practice teaching and try to captivate students with the presentation and content of lectures.

    How much can you earn on teaching

    There are language schools in almost every city. But only a qualified teacher can get a job there. If you are an amateur who wants to teach, even for little money, try to turn to various online schools.

    Over time, gaining experience and expanding the staff of customers, you can raise price tags and start earning good money. People are willing to pay a lot for quality and effective teachers.

    32. Make Money Searching online

    Many online services pay money for simple actions that you perform daily on the Global Network. For example, those that relate to search queries (for cheating PF). That is, the more often you use the search, the higher the earnings will be.

    Here are just a few sites offering such work:

    33. Create a YouTube Channel

    Own channel on YouTube has goldened more than one thousand bloggers. You will have to work hard and hard. Creating high-quality and exciting videos is not an easy task. You need to spend a lot of time mastering the equipment, correct settings, working on competent speech and the manner of presenting information.

    Popular YouTubers earn millions by releasing entertaining and informative content on a daily basis. It all depends only on the topic you choose and the manner of presenting information.

    34. Listen to music for money

    There are relatively niche services that pay for reviews of musical compositions. They work on the same principle as online questionnaires. Quality comments and reviews are paid for in many areas.

    Marketers thus create the appearance of excitement around the promoted product. Many novice performers and video bloggers pay for views and comments in order to attract the initial attention to their own content. After all, no one will want to attend commercials and listen to music that attracts absolutely no attention.

    People unconsciously prefer popular content. And work with zero views may not “shoot”, even being incredibly creative. Simply because the herd instinct is triggered and the audience does not try to get acquainted with something new and not yet tried by others.

    35. Donate blood or plasma

    Blood donors earn, even if not much. The more often you donate blood, the faster it begins to recover in you. Honorary donors can visit transfusion points incomparably more often than beginners.

    If you are afraid of the type of blood and do not want to have anything to do with it, then you can always make a choice in favor of plasma. This is the largest component of human blood. It is used to treat people with various chronic diseases and is required by hospitals all the time.

    36. Become a Guardian

    Looking after children, you can earn a little money on state social support. You can look after not only the young, but also the elderly. If you don’t want to mess around with young children and become a nanny for them, choose working with retirees who require daily care.

    This work is very specific, and in each case, something completely unexpected may be required from you. But helping those in need of guardianship is always paid and can become a new source of income for you.

    Here’s How You Can Earn Real Money in 1 Day

    Remember, to make money, you have to make efforts. No one will give you $100 for free, even if you are an infogypsy.

    Do you want to find a small part-time job or start your own small business? First, decide on what you like. And choose the most attractive idea of making money.

    If you start today, you can earn $100 a day, every day, in the near future.

    And yes, if you’ve found any other way to make $100 quickly in 1 day – let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear your story.