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How to make money online in Russia: 30 best ways

    make money

    In quarantine and self-isolation, many of us have discovered new talents. Some took up the pen, others became interested in cooking, others became interested in music or painting. You have more free time now, but do you know how to properly dispose of it? Of course, you can devote this time to a new hobby, but it is much more reasonable to use it to get additional income.

    On the Internet, you can find hundreds of opportunities for earnings – you just need to know where to look. We decided to share with our Russian users the most popular ideas for online earnings.

    Tohow to make fast money online in Russia

    Did you know that you don’t have to complete challenging tasks to make money? You can even earn passive income without much effort. Write comments and reviews on products and services, put up for sale your belongings or find a new application for your skills. We have compiled a list in which you are sure to find something to your liking.

    1. Perform microtasks

    Microtasks allow you to earn quickly and without investments. You receive small amounts for completing certain tasks online. Basically, these are simple tasks that only people can perform, because, despite technological progress, machines can not always replace a person.

    Microtasks can include participating in surveys, moderating content, watching and commenting on videos on YouTube (or other sites), and more. Most often, these tasks do not require any special skills or qualifications, so they are ideal for those who just want to earn a little extra money in their free time.

    Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the most popular online platforms for microtasks. Immediately after registering on the platform, you can start completing tasks and earn money.

    Another well-known platform is Yandex.Toloka. Here, too, everything is simple: you create an account, select tasks (just do not forget to read the instructions!), complete them and get money.

    Difficulty: Easy; Speed: Fast

    2. Participate in online surveys

    As in the case of microtasks, the human factor plays an important role in surveys and studies. Survey results are usually used for marketing, advertising or scientific purposes. Many researchers need a sample for their projects that includes as many participants as possible. To do this, they attract users through specialized services. For participating in a survey or study, you receive a small reward.

    If you are interested in this, we recommend that you visit the sites and LifePoints, which are leaders in the Russian market of Internet research. Sign up on these sites and start earning online!

    Difficulty: Easy; Speed: Average

    3. Trade cryptocurrencies

    Recently, more and more people are showing interest in bitcoins and cryptocurrency. This is not surprising, because crypto trading allows you not only to earn, but also to independently manage your finances.

    Platforms like Paxful provide access to financial services to anyone who needs it. Paxful offers more than 300 payment methods for buying and selling bitcoins. You also should not worry about the security of transactions, because all transactions use a storage account, and the support service is ready to answer your questions at any time of the day.

    Buyers can purchase bitcoins in any of the available ways, and sellers can sell their bitcoins with a certain margin. In addition, if you accept not very popular payment methods, you can earn more on it. If you are interested in P2P trading, then all you need to do is create an account on Paxful, get a free wallet and start trading!

    Difficulty: Easy; Speed: Average

    4. Participate in affiliate programs

    Even if you are no longer new to the world of cryptocurrency, you can always earn even more by inviting your family and friends. When choosing a platform for trading, always find out whether it provides a referral or affiliate program. Share your affiliate link with the most people and you will be able to secure yourself a significant passive income.

    Difficulty: Medium; Speed: Average

    5. Become a Freelancer

    If you’re not attracted to microtasks and online surveys, you can search for other jobs on freelancer sites. Many companies are looking for web developers, photographers, graphic designers, voice actors, and other professionals. Carefully review all the ads, and you are sure to find a project that will allow you to use your skills and earn money without investments.

    Remember that before performing such tasks, you need to demonstrate your competence to the customer. You should have a portfolio that clients can use to judge the quality of your work. So it will be easier for you to receive orders, and, accordingly, you will be able to earn more. In addition, over time, you will build a reputation for yourself and be able to raise the price of order fulfillment.

    The most popular exchanges for freelancers include Upwork, Fiverr, Work-Zilla and Register on these sites and start earning freelancing!

    Difficulty: Medium; Speed: Average

    6. Do copywriting

    The period of self-isolation is a good time to hone your writing skills. If you own a pen and know how to organize your time, you have many opportunities for earnings.

    On copywriting exchanges such as, you can get paid for the articles you write. Customers are looking not only for copywriters, but also for rewriters, as well as translators. If you have the necessary skills, why not try to make money on it?

    Difficulty: Medium; Speed: Average

    7. Consult

    Are you a top-notch specialist in your field but have to stay at home? Your knowledge can come in handy on platforms such as and Here you can not only earn, but also help someone who needs good advice.

    Thanks to such platforms, you will be able to contribute to the common cause, and even quarantine will not be able to prevent you from doing this.

    Difficulty: Medium; Speed: Fast

    8. Translate into Russian or other languages

    If you know foreign languages, do not miss this opportunity to earn. Exchanges such as publish thousands of translation orders every day. Customers are looking for performers who speak both the most popular and rare languages, so you will not be left without a job.

    To translate from a foreign language, whether in writing or orally, you must be proficient in it at a high level. If you have the necessary skills, you can easily start earning money on translations.

    Difficulty: Easy; Speed: Fast

    9. Decipher audio and video materials

    Some sites pay not only for translating texts, but also for decrypting files. This is a long and painstaking work, so often companies attract third-party contractors to perform it.

    One of these sites is GoTranscript, where you can order high-quality decryption at reasonable prices. You can try to register on GoTranscript as an artist or find another company that provides similar services.

    Difficulty: Easy; Speed: Slow

    10. Write comments and reviews

    Entrepreneurs know how important a good reputation is for a company. Sometimes a few negative reviews can cause irreparable damage to a business, which is why companies pay so much attention to comments, constructive criticism and reviews.

    If you have an entrepreneurial sense and are able to clearly state your thoughts, you will find companies that will gladly pay you for advice and recommendations. You write reviews and comments for a fee, and the company takes note of them and improves its workflow. Thus, both sides win.

    You can use the site or look for other sites where you can leave recommendations and get paid for it.

    Difficulty: Medium; Speed: Fast

    11. Sell unnecessary things

    Do you have old things that no one has used for a long time (and is unlikely to be)? Put them up for sale – perhaps they will be useful to someone!

    Just think, you already have a ready-made product for sale and potential buyers. You just need to take a couple of quality photos and set a price. If the goods are in good condition, you can quickly get money for it.

    Avito is one of the most popular Russian Internet services for placing such ads. To quickly sell your product, accompany it with a detailed description and clear photos.

    Difficulty: Easy; Speed: Fast

    12. Earn on clicks on the Internet

    A long journey begins with small steps. If you still have to click on the pages of different sites, why not make money on it?

    Sites such as Seosprint and Socpublic are suitable not only for advertisers, but also for those who are in search of Internet earnings. All you will need to do is visit the websites of certain companies, leave likes and comments, subscribe to their services and view ads.

    You’ll see, there’s nothing complicated about it! You create an account and choose the tasks to your liking. There can be hundreds and thousands of quests, so you’re sure to find what you need. Payment is not delayed and you can choose any of the available methods to receive money.

    Want to earn even more? Invite your friends and earn together! 😉

    Difficulty: Easy; Speed: Fast

    13. Become an active user of social networks

    Did you know that you can get paid simply for leaving “likes”, subscribing to pages and sharing content on YouTube, Twitter, and

    Subscribers are important to the success of any business. Who will consumers trust more: a company that has 10 followers or one that has 100,000 followers? That’s why companies need your help. Entrepreneurs are looking for real people who can support them virtually. In addition, when you subscribe to different pages and share publications, you can find a company that will really interest you.

    Create an account in social networks and start leaving “likes”. If you use sites like or vkserfing, you can get paid very quickly as there are low payout limits. You can also invite friends and get a share of their income.

    Subscribe to Vktarget’s Youtube channel and you’ll get 36 cents right away!

    Difficulty: Easy; Speed: Fast

    Tohow to make money on your website

    If you understand computers and are friends with technology, then you can easily use your skills to make money on the Internet. Here are a few ideas to help you earn income from your website or find other ways to earn extra money.

    14. Monetize Your Blog

    Do you have your own blog and regularly make publications in it? Then it makes sense to make money on it, instead of writing for free.

    You can publish on the blog not only your materials. Negotiate with companies to host sponsored content, and this will help you increase traffic, gain new subscribers, and increase the popularity of your blog. To achieve these goals, you can use advertising sites such as Taboola.

    Another way to make money online from a blog is to post affiliate links. Tell your followers about what you’re really interested in and invite them to join your passion. Subscribers will thank you for useful recommendations, and you will receive money for it. And everyone is happy!

    Difficulty: Easy; Speed: Fast

    15. Sell advertising space

    This can be compared to renting out an apartment. If you have extra space, isn’t it better to rent it out and earn passive income?

    If you want to make money from advertising, register on the Adcash platform. After that, Adcash will start placing ads on your blog (including push notifications, banners, full-screen and native ads) that are perfect for your blog content.

    Each type of advertising has its advantages. For example, when using native advertising, conversion rates are higher, since such advertising is perceived as part of the text and does not look intrusive. Full-screen advertising also brings good results, since during the demonstration users can not switch and look only at it.

    But these are all details you don’t have to worry about. You just need to sell advertising space, the rest will be done for you by specialists.

    Difficulty: Easy; Speed: Fast

    16. Create a site with a paywall

    Above we have provided tips for owners of free sites. If you have personal developments on a specific topic, the results of your own research or other exclusive content on your site, make access to the site paid.

    For example, you can charge money for e-books, printout materials, exclusive content on Patreon, or unique email newsletters. However, before posting paid content, carefully study the market and find out how much the owners of other sites charge for similar material. Do not forget about the design of the site: if you want to attract more visitors, the site should be easy to navigate, as well as look professional and neat.

    You have to show site visitors that your content is worth paying for. The best way to convince them of this is to regularly publish quality materials.

    Difficulty: Medium; Speed: Slow

    17. Sell Links

    You can sell anything on your website and make money from it. As strange as it sounds, you can even sell links.

    How does it work? Some companies may ask you to redirect internet traffic to their pages. To do this, you can place ads and sponsored content on your blog. However, there is another way – to publish links that lead directly to their sites. This will not only boost the sales of these companies, but it will also positively impact their search engine rankings (meaning they will appear more often in search results).

    You can successfully place backlinks if your blog has enough traffic and ranks high in the search results. But visitors to your blog should not know that your links can be bought!

    Difficulty: Medium; Speed: Slow

    18. Resell Websites

    If you can sell the site in parts, then you can probably sell it as a whole. For this, platforms such as EmpireFlippers or Flippa are suitable.

    You can buy an unpopular site with low traffic, eliminate the shortcomings, and then sell at a better price. How can such a site be improved? Add quality niche content, start selling backlinks and ad space – i.e. do everything we talked about earlier.

    Difficulty: Difficult; Speed: Slow

    19. Buy and Sell Domains

    If you want to create a unique website that takes into account the needs of your audience, take care of its domain name.

    Most sites end in .com, but that doesn’t mean your site needs to be the same. Don’t be afraid to stand out! For example, if you sell donuts, your site might be called www.vkusno.ponchik 😉.

    After buying a domain, you can use it for yourself, or you can sell it. Let’s go back to the example above: if you want to sell your domain, you can find other donut sellers who are interested in it.

    However, before you buy and sell domains and make money on it, be sure to study the market and its needs. Visit the GoDaddy website – you will find a lot of interesting things there!

    Difficulty: Medium; Speed: Average

    20. Do E-Commerce

    To sell products and services, you don’t have to be a writer, programmer, or marketing guru.

    Do you have something you want to sell? Then you have a direct path to e-commerce! Now on the Internet you can sell anything: CDs, books, clothes, travel plans, templates for blogs and even essay writing services – the choice is limited only by your imagination.

    Have you decided on what you want to sell? Now decide whether you want to build your website or sell on sites like Amazon or eBay. If you decide to build your website, be sure to get an SSL certificate and find reliable payment processors and providers.

    We recommend that you pay attention to such a simple and intuitive website builder as Squarespace.

    Difficulty: Medium; Speed: Average

    How to make money online in Russia if you are a creative person or a marketer

    Designers, artists, entertainers – in general, all creative personalities – can use the Internet not only to present their work, but also for additional earnings. So can marketing professionals through various online platforms. We will tell you how you can use your creativity and skills to generate income.

    21. Sell your work on the Internet

    Today, you can see works of traditional and modern art not only in museums, art galleries and exhibitions. Artists and designers keep up with the times and use the internet not only to showcase but also to sell their work.

    If you think that art can and should generate income, you can try to sell your work on special sites, for example, Artplode,, ArtPal, Artfinder, Jose Gallery, Artsper, etc. For graphic designers, platforms such as Fiverr, DeviantArt, Creative Market or Design Cuts are suitable. Visit the Society6 website for a lot of useful and interesting information.

    Money may not flow to you in a river, but these options are also worth a try. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with all these platforms and choose the one that best suits your needs.

    Difficulty: Easy; Speed: Average

    22. Manage deliveries

    Dropshipping is a commercial model in which companies sell exclusively over the Internet. They take orders from a partner and then ship the goods on their behalf directly to buyers. The partner’s profit is formed due to the difference between the purchase and retail price.

    This scheme seems simple, but direct deliveries are becoming more common, which means growing competition and complicates the work. Study the pros and cons of this method and, if you think it is suitable, go for it!


    23. Create a YouTube Channel

    Do you want to earn money, but do not like boring tasks? Then you should consider creating your own YouTube channel. You can choose what content to place there, depending on what audience you are targeting.

    The most popular on YouTube are videos about travel, food, games, entertainment, science and technology, beauty and fashion, music, sports, as well as many others. See how well-known video bloggers create their content. They publish different types of videos, from unboxing products to challenges, so you’ll find plenty of examples to be inspired by.

    At the same time, remember that YouTube is one of the most popular sites for earning money, and its audience is constantly growing. More and more people are trying to become vloggers and influencers, which means you’ll have to make an effort to stand out from the crowd. Learn about video blogs and try to learn tricks and tricks that will help you make your way up.

    Difficulty: Easy; Speed: Average

    24. Start an online course

    Why don’t you launch your own course online? With educational platforms like Teachable, Thinkific, Udemy, and Skillshare, you can share your skills and experiences with a wide audience and get paid for it.

    This is one of the most popular ways to make money on the Internet, because knowledge and skills play an important role in any business. Think about what you can tell users, how long it will take you to prepare a course, how much you will need to spend on it and how to make the course interesting and useful for students.

    Visit the above sites to learn more about educational courses and their creation.


    25. Read audiobooks

    Have you ever wondered who reads the audiobooks we listen to? Some believe that writers themselves voice their works. Sometimes they do, but more often they hire readers to voice audiobooks and pay for their services.

    If you’re interested in this option, start with sites like ACX. You can choose whether you want to receive an hourly fee for reading a book or a one-time payment upon completion of a task.

    If you have a pleasant voice, clear diction and some acting abilities, you may well try your hand at this area.

    Difficulty: Medium; Speed: Average

    26. Write and Publish Ebooks

    More than 200,000 authors sell and publish their e-books online and receive royalties for it. Of course, this is not the easiest way, because the book must first be written and edited, but if you are not afraid of difficulties, you will succeed in this field.

    If you already have books or other materials written, you can use platforms such as Amazon Kindle Publishing, Payhip, Google Play Books, PayLoadz to give readers the opportunity to appreciate your talent. Explore these platforms to learn how to make money publishing books.


    27. Sell photos and videos

    Photographers and videographers can not only shoot events, but also earn income from the sale of their work on sites such as Shutterstock, Getty Images, iStock, Pexels, Unsplash, Videohive, etc.

    Some of these platforms don’t set limits on publishing, meaning you can sell as many of your works as you want. Users can post different types of materials: reports, editorial notes, portraits and much more. Visit these sites – who knows, maybe you will be able to turn your hobby into a source of income?

    Difficulty: Easy; Speed: Average

    28. Trade forex and stock exchanges

    Many people believe that trading on Forex and other stock exchanges is too difficult. Sure, it takes time to figure it out, but with some tools and tutorials, you’ll be able to understand how these platforms work.

    Traders and investors make money on stock exchanges and securities markets by buying stocks at a lower price and selling at a higher price. The difference in the price of shares is their profit.

    Before you start trading, be sure to study the basic strategies and analyze the available information about the market.

    Difficulty: Medium; Speed: Average

    29. Create Your Podcast

    Not everyone knows that podcasts can generate income. The more listeners you have, the higher your profits, but there are other ways to make money from podcasts.

    Some podcasters earn income from sponsorship, paid advertising, product promotion, event announcements, affiliate marketing. If you want to better understand this, check out podcast hosting sites like Buzzsprout, Transistor, Podbean, Captivate, Simplecast, Castos, etc.

    Difficulty: Medium; Speed: Average

    30. Become an Opinion Leader

    There are many different social networks, and each of them has its own opinion leaders (influencers). Being an influencer is not as easy as it seems, because it requires certain skills. You have to be able to create content, take interesting photos, communicate with users… In general, creative abilities alone are indispensable here.

    To make money, influencers can create content or products in conjunction with different brands. They can also distribute content through podcasts and webinars or become the face of some brand, which also brings them additional income. Do not forget about sponsorship publications in social networks or blogs, as well as affiliate marketing – a creative approach is always welcome.

    Difficulty: Medium; Speed: Average

    What are you waiting forStart earning now!

    Your opportunities for making money on the Internet are not limited to this list. Now that you’ve read our guidelines, consider what skills and abilities you can use to generate additional income.

    The options listed by us do not guarantee you instant profits, but if you try, you will achieve outstanding results. Remember that it is best to do what you know well and know how to do. Choose one of the proposed items or find something of your own and start earning. And may you succeed!