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How to make money on your website: 13 best ways

    So, my site reached the mark of 200 visitors a day. Money spent, efforts made, readers are there – it’s time to think about earnings.

    If you clicked on this article, you clearly have your own website. I want to ask you, why did you create it? Write a response in the comments πŸ™‚

    Many people want to create a website in order to share with the world views on life or show their creative potential. But I’m sure that the majority still creates sites for monetization.

    For example, as an additional source of income in addition to the main job. Nevertheless, a lot of people go further and turn blogging into the main income.

    And some are turning their website into a big company. That’s what happened, for example, with the Huffington Post. Arianna Huffington decided to launch an online publication where famous people will write for free. At first, the main focus of the resource was politics. HuffPost positioned itself as a liberal publication and competed with the Republican press.

    Within a year, the site had more than 1.3 million visitors a month. New employees have appeared, sections have been added, international integration has appeared, an online TV channel has been launched… Today, the Huffington Post is one of the largest online publications in the world.

    In short, dreaming is not harmful πŸ™‚ But let’s go back to beginner blogs, like mine, and see what are the ways to make money on your site.

    How will the website help the business?

    Above we talked about the goals of creating websites, and in connection with this, I consider it necessary to mention one thing. Corporate websites are an opportunity to expand your business. In this case, the owner does not necessarily have to earn from this site.

    Natasha Courtney-Smith writes about this in her book The Million Dollar Blog:

    Text posts on blogs are the main component of content marketing, and if you own a business, you can not help but know that content marketing is your most effective tool that can not be ignored.

    A visionary content strategy that includes text posts, video blogging, and multimedia content will drive traffic to your website by adding to the sales funnel, and thereby keep you competitive. 

    Also, blogging gives your business soulfulness and individuality – customers will trust you more.

    What am I getting at? To the fact that the advantage of the site for business is absolutely not in earnings. Even when the business itself does not seem to earn money from the site itself, the site can bring “real” (offline) customers.

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    Ways to make money on the site

    If you are not promoting your business, then there are many other ways for you to make money on your website. In this case, we are talking about any format of the web resource. Even your small blog you can turn into an online store, if you start selling products on it, and into an online catalog, if you add the appropriate page.

    Affiliate Programs

    Affiliate programs are an opportunity for serious and real earnings. It works like this:

    1. You find an affiliate product and recommend it on your website by leaving a link to buy.
    2. When a visitor to your website buys a product from this link, you get a commission.

    Some even specifically create sites about reviews of products of a certain subject and earn exclusively on the affiliate program.

    Earnings on the affiliate program

    Where can I find an affiliate program?

    To get such a commission link, you must find and register in the affiliate program.

    Fortunately, earnings on affiliate programs are so beneficial for both parties that almost every store now offers them. The offer can be found by simply googling “[your site theme] affiliate program”.

    For example, Timeweb offers an excellent affiliate program for web studios. You can recommend the service to friends and customers, earning up to 2,000 rubles per client for paying for virtual hosting services and up to 7,000 rubles for paying for VDS services.

    I’ll also recommend you one site where you can find an affiliate program of any subject. This is Admitad. On this site you will find the largest collection of offers from well-known stores.

    And here is a list of the best commodity affiliate programs (they work with physical products):

    • Lamoda
    • Audiomania

    Sale of goods

    Speaking of commodity affiliate programs, it is worth mentioning the earnings on the sale of goods.

    Prefer to deal with real goods? Then how about opening your own online store?

    To do this, it is not necessary to create a new site. You can make a separate page on your blog to sell products. For example, using the WooCommerce tool.

    You can go one of two ways:

    1. You create and sell a niche physical product to a certain circle of customers.
    2. You buy cheap goods from foreign countries, repack them and sell them with your own markup.

    When choosing the first option, you should be prepared for a lot of research, improvements and tests of your product. Also, you should understand the topic and have a considerable interest in it, so as not to give up at the first difficulties.

    Examples of successful stores that have chosen this strategy:

    • SkinnyMe Tea;
    • BeardBrand;
    • Ratio Coffee.

    However, if this approach seems too complicated to you, first engage in the resale of popular foreign products. Products can be found on sites such as AliExpress or Amazon. When the goods come to you, they will need to be repackaged and sold through their website.

    Think also about the method of delivery of your goods. You can do it yourself or use the services of the mail. You can also use dropshipping (this is when the manufacturer delivers the customer his order without your participation).

    Your online courses/books

    On self-isolation, you’ve probably noticed how many online courses have spread everywhere. But the demand for them has also increased! Therefore, my advice is simple: if you have some useful knowledge and are ready to share it with people who will pay for it, then this is a great reason to cut an online course.

    If your site isn’t suitable for your own courses, you can host content on learning platforms like InfohitBitDegreeGetCourse, and others. You’ll be able to share your skills with thousands of people β€” isn’t that cool?

    Not sure what topic to write a course on? Ask your audience. Find out what they’re interested in and what they’re willing to pay for. So did Joseph Michael, the creator of the learn Scrivener Fast online course on learning Scrivener software. He read a comment on a blog whose author asked for such a course. Jofes created it and made a huge profit!

    There are also an immeasurable number of online course formats. The easiest: describe your experience in text format and post it on a cloud service. The person who made the purchase receives a link with access and can download the book as a PDF file.

    But given the abundance of online courses that exist today, I advise you to still bother and come up with your own interesting approach to learning. For example, it can be a game or a video course.

    Online Courses

    I single out for myself one main advantage of online courses: the income will be passive. Earnings from online courses work according to a very cool system: you record a course once, and you can sell it as much as you want.

    And you only need to set up a redirect from the payment page to the page with the course – and that’s it. You can safely drink a cup of coffee somewhere in Paris while customers buy your courses – you won’t have to do anything to do it.

    However, I must also warn you. All online courses sooner or later pirates merge into open access. But it’s not the end of the world. Judge for yourself: when the sales of the course go, you will be heard. Even if it is merged, you will remain an expert person. Accordingly, the course can be updated or the next one can be recorded – but already as a celebrity πŸ™‚

    Also( even the already merged) online course can be uploaded to Youtube and earn from monetization. But first, it is still worth selling it and earning money πŸ™‚

    A site with a paywall

    Along with online courses, the popularity of sites with a paid subscription is also growing. This idea is quite simple to implement, and even in any industry.

    Judge for yourself, we used to subscribe to newspapers and magazines. Now there are many more services, and life becomes much more convenient. We subscribe to music services, to the timely delivery of the necessary things such as cosmetics or razor blades, to newsletters.

    For example, whatsapp messenger used to offer users a subscription for $ 1 / year instead of bombing with advertising. Whatsapp eventually became so popular that it was bought by Facebook for $19 billion.

    This works with websites as well. Writer Mark Manson runs a popular self-development blog and sells a paid subscription that gives users access to online courses, videos, and additional article commentary.

    Of course, many will refuse to buy a paid subscription. Even more is more of a chip for loyal fans. But these will be the people who like what you write.

    If you liked the idea, but you do not know how to make a site with a paywall without programming skills, write “+” in the comments, and I will make a separate article about it πŸ™‚

    Sell ads

    I’m sure you’ve come across sites that have ads. The fact is that this is probably the most popular way to make money on the site. At the same time, some make advertising mega-intrusive, while others competently integrate it into their content. This is the business of the site owner.

    It is worth connecting advertising only when your Internet resource begins to receive a large amount of traffic. Otherwise, earnings will be quite meager, and users will be unnerved by advertising.

    How much can you earn on advertising? The cost of placing ads depends on the platform. You can make a profit for the number of impressions or for clicks. This is decided by the advertiser. 1000 impressions of the ad unit brings an average of up to $ 1.

    How do I enable ads?

    There are many advertising platforms. The most popular are Google Adsense and the Yandex Advertising Network (RSN). Be prepared that the payout of these ad networks will not be large, unless a million visitors a month come to your site.

    You can apply to participate in the advertising network here for Google Adsense and here for the Yandex Advertising Network. Pay attention to the requirements for connecting sites.

    Google Adsense requirements:

    • high-quality, original and popular content;
    • the site complies with the rules of the AdSense program (does not wind up clicks, does not encourage users to click, does not abuse trust, etc.)
    • you are at least 18 years old.

    Requirements of the RSN:

    • the site complies with the legislation of the Russian Federation;
    • the site does not declare the inequality of people, does not have offensive or pornographic content, does not contain malware, etc .;
    • sites are prohibited: online casinos, domain parking, file sharing sites, resources offering payment for viewing and clicks on advertising, sites with ready-made homework;
    • the site owner does not cheat clicks and does not encourage readers to click.

    How do I sell ads without an ad network?

    If you don’t want to work through an advertising platform, there are other ways to sell ads.

    For example, you can find customers yourself. So did my friend – the owner of the site about tattoos. He created a separate page to find the best masters. He gets paid to be on this page for his city. And for the first places on this page, he takes a separate fee.

    You can also sell advertising space to some company that is similar to you in theme. For example, if your website is dedicated to improving sleep quality, you may want to offer an advertisement to a mattress manufacturing firm.

    Or here’s another option for you – creating sponsored content. This means that you place content on your site that some company pays you for.

    Selling your services

    Are you an expert in the field about which you maintain a website? So this is a great reason to sell your services on the site. This is done quite simply.

    You blog by posting useful information about a particular topic. Thus, visitors see that you are an expert. It is easier for them to turn to you, because they see your level of knowledge. You just have to create a page of services and place your contacts. Customers will find you.

    Example: You’re blogging about a personal brand and you have quite large amounts of traffic. You create a page where you offer personal advice and help in building a personal brand.

    How to increase the volume of orders? Go outside of your site. Write guest posts on sites of similar subjects, come to television or podcasts, make the media talk about you, etc.

    Creating an online catalogue

    Previously, online directories were very popular. Now this is no longer the case, but you can still make money on it.

    Directories work in the same way as bulletin boards. The only difference is that people don’t pay to post or access jobs – they buy a monthly subscription with the ability to host directories.

    Example: you have a website about web design and website development. You have cool articles, a lot of traffic and you have won the title of expert. That is, people trust you and your website. You can create a page to host a list of developers and agencies. So they will get a backlink and new visitors/customers.

    Selling Your Website

    Well, the last (literally) way to make money on your website is to sell it!

    Depending on the quality, traffic and age of your website, you can sell it for a very large amount. On average, you can earn on the sale of the site 10-30 times more than your monthly passive income from it.

    What determines the sale price of the site?

    • The age of the site and domain.
    • Authority (how many links from other sites lead to you).
    • Traffic, as well as its dynamics (growing, stagnating or falling?).
    • How much you earn from your website per month and how stable that income is.

    Where can I sell my website?

    For this, there are special exchanges. Here are the top 3 exchanges for selling websites (in my opinion):

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    Other ways to make money online

    Of course, it is not necessary to have a website to make money on the Internet. Already having the skills to work with sites, you can get money by offering your services. Let’s take a closer look at these methods:

    Buying and reselling websites or domain names

    I think you’re familiar with businesses like reselling homes. A person buys a house, repairs it and sells it for more. You can do the same with websites.

    You have no idea how many quality websites with authoritative domains are sold. People just get bored, they quit this business and decide to sell their website.

    The process of reselling websites is quite simple:

    1. Find an underrated site that can be improved. Pay attention to the age of the domain, the link mass, monthly income and traffic, as well as the real reason for the sale.
    2. Refine your site. Improve design and usability, add unique and quality content, optimize your search engine. Read my other articles β€”I’ve written, for example, on how to drive traffichow to make a site better than the competition, and how to keep the user on the page.
    3. Watch for statistical improvements.
    4. Sell the site at a price much higher than the one for which you bought it.

    Just like websites, you can also resell domain names. Their value is aged. You can purchase domains, for example, using Telderi or Just Dropped.

    Sale of photos and videos

    Sites need unique content – including pictures. But why I’m telling you this, you probably know it yourself. Maybe you even create this unique content for your site, that is, you take pictures or shoot videos. This can be turned into a good online income.

    There are many sites for uploading photos and videos. You upload your work, and when someone downloads it, you get paid.

    You can sell your photos on these sites:

    Earnings on photo stocksTo sell videos, use the following tools:

    For a stable high income with this method, I advise you to choose a certain niche and regularly publish content.

    Advertising in social networks

    Along with the site, you probably promoted social networks. In them, you can also sell advertising. The higher the activity on your page, the higher the price for 1 advertising post.

    For example, 4 years ago I had a VKontakte group with 20k subscribers. I took 90p for one advertising post, I published 3 such posts per day. This came out in a good additional income.

    Own services in the development and promotion of sites

    The fact that you have your own working website is already the first step to making money on development. So you can even find a job in the studio.

    But you can start with freelancing orders. The path to the first orders is very simple:

    1. Create a page for yourself on services like KworkFl.ruUpwork, and Freelancer.
    2. Add information about yourself.
    3. Form a portfolio (your website will already be included there).
    4. Just start submitting requests for proposals.

    In order to increase your chances of success, I advise you to first choose a narrow niche and develop a client base. This can be, for example, the creation of exclusively gaming sites.

    In short, go for it! If you do not quit, then over time your site can turn into a large and enviable business. Or you earn yourself the name of a professional, then there will be no rest from customers.

    Now you know how to make money on your website, and all roads are open to you. Good luck!

    How to set up your site for earnings