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How a Teenager Can Make Money ?

    The job market isn’t the most hospitable place for teens, but determination and resourcefulness will help you find ways to make money. In addition to contacting employers who often employ teenagers, consider becoming an independent performer of various jobs or a novice entrepreneur who sells goods and provides services. If you want to become a lifeguard on the beach or organize your own company for the arrangement of territories, then do not be lazy to consider all the available options and choose the most suitable.

    Method 1 Occasional part-time jobs

    Teenager Can Make Money
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    1. Look after the children. This is one of the best ways to make money during adolescence and be useful to society. If you are responsible and love children, then offer your help! Reach out to family friends who have young children to build their own customer base.
      • Enroll in courses and get a certificate in the basics of first aid so that potential employers are not afraid to leave children with you. Such courses can be taken in public organizations or hospitals for a moderate fee or even for free.[1]
      • If you have never looked after children before and clients are concerned about the lack of such experience, then offer a probationary period. The first few times you can look after the child in the presence of one of the parents, so that everyone is calm.
    2. Do the yard work. Many people are too busy to keep the yard in order, but they don’t want the area to look untidy. They will readily pay someone who will mow the grass, pick leaves or trim bushes, especially the neighbor teenager or family friend. Find out which of your family friends needs help, and if there are few people, then paste ads with an offer of services in the vicinity.
      • In winter, you can clear paths and access roads from snow.
      • You can also team up with friends or relatives to provide collective landscaping and care services. The profit will have to be divided, but you will quickly and efficiently cope with the work.
    3. Clean the house. Each member of the family takes on the responsibilities of caring for the home, but you can offer extra help for a reasonable fee. After all, parents are almost always too busy and won’t turn down help. Offer to perform cleaning for half the price of professional firms. You can offer your services to neighbors and earn extra money.
      • Experts recommend that parents and adolescents determine the amount of compensation for work depending on the quality of work. For example, agree on the amount of 500 rubles for high-quality cleaning in the garage and around the house. If you do the job perfectly and impress your parents, then the amount can increase to 800 rubles. Such an agreement motivates you to work qualitatively and will teach you the work ethic.[2]
    4. Run the errands of the elderly. Many older citizens find it difficult to move or make sudden movements, so not all everyday tasks are within their reach. If you know older people, then offer your services. You can go shopping, move furniture, repair a computer or water plants in the garden. The most important thing is to discuss all the conditions. What could be worse than coping with the job and expecting a fair pay, whereas an elderly person will consider your help to be a manifestation of altruism.
      • For example, if your grandparents meet with friends every weekend, ask about the opportunity to attend such a meeting and offer your services to their friends. They can let people know in advance that you’re looking for a part-time job so that everyone can think about their options.
    5. Walk your dogs. Many people like to walk their dogs, but not everyone has time for it. Owners take care of their pets, so they are willing to pay for walking and training services. If you love dogs and are full of energy, then turn your interests and enthusiasm into a source of income!
      • Today, finding such a part-time job has become even easier thanks to mobile applications. You just need to register in the program and the system itself will find you customers.[3]
    6. Become a tutor. If you have good academic performance and in-depth knowledge, then offer your services as a tutor. You may not be able to advertise yourself and work at the school, but no one prevents you from giving private lessons at home or in the library.
      • You can also register on special platforms that help tutors and students find each other. Often a certificate of secondary education is required, but not all services put forward strict conditions.[4]
      • Don’t be in a hurry to give up, even if you’re not a genius! If you are professionally engaged in sports, play a musical instrument or are engaged in carpentry, you will be able to conduct frequent paid lessons.
    7. 7Advertise your services. All dependencies on the chosen type of activity are important to declare yourself! Give an inexpensive newspaper ad or hand out flyers, but it’s even easier (and often for free!) to advertise yourself online. Leave an ad on a special site or use personal pages in social networks. You’ll be surprised at how many people you know need help, so probe the ground and soon you’ll find a job.
      • If your services turn out to be in demand, then you can create separate professional pages in social networks as in the case of a small business.[5]
      • As usual, be extremely careful about advertising and online business. Parents should be aware of your initiative, approve all ads and selected sites – so, if you offer your services on Instagram and Facebook, parents should have an idea of such social networks and monitor your actions, as well as accompany you when meeting the employer.

    Method 2 Work online

    1. Sell photos. If you have a good camera and an idea of the composition of the frame, then try to sell stock shots online. Each sale brings a small profit, but you can develop useful skills and engage in hobbies. If you constantly work on yourself, then over time the profit will become more significant.[6]
      • There are many companies that deal with stock photography, so do not rush to despair after the first refusal. Big players like Shutterstock, Dreamstime or iStock have the most customers, but you can also offer your services to smaller companies.[7]
    2. Use mobile apps to search for errands. If you have a smartphone, you can register in different applications that will help you find employers with different paid assignments. Not every job will bring in a significant amount, but usually the task is not a big deal – for example, a company or market research company can pay you for your own shot in a particular place. Think of it as some kind of adventure or hunt.[8]
      • There are many specialized services and applications, although not all of them will work in Russia, so find the right program! Make sure teens can register and provide services.
    3. Conduct surveys online. Market research is very important for large businesses and companies often turn to special sites for help. Most surveys and studies will not take much time and effort. You don’t even have to leave the house. Find a reliable site that does not charge a registration fee and cooperates with teenagers.[9]
      • Conducting surveys and research is not the most profitable, but a simple and stable way to earn money.
      • You can also become a member of the focus group of paid marketing research. Unlike online surveys, you will have to work outside the home, but the pay will be significantly higher.[10]
      • Some sites offer an hourly fee, while others pay for each survey or study performed. As a rule, the cost of one survey is low.
    4. Create your YouTube channel. Upload videos to a free service like YouTube and make money from ads if your content becomes popular. There are already millions of users who compete with each other, but do not lose heart and try your hand! Many modern YouTube stars started out wanting to make some money as a teenager and have fun. It is important that parents are aware of the chosen subject of the videos and help you to respond correctly to user comments for your safety.[11]
      • Most often, they watch vlogs about fashion and videos about how the owner of the channel goes through different games, but you should not limit yourself to the most popular genres. If you like to play pranks or create comic sketches, then concentrate your efforts on such videos! You can also create a book club or group on YouTube for fans of creativity and discuss your favorite books, music or movies.
      • You can use your laptop’s webcam and home lighting at first, but for higher video quality, you’ll need to buy a good camera, professional lighting, and editing equipment.
    5. Participate in local research. Different universities and pharmaceutical companies may conduct paid clinical trials or studies. Carefully read all the conditions in advance, since such studies can take either a couple of hours or several days.
      • Browse classifieds or official websites of clinics and universities to find information and apply for participation.
      • In most cases, clinical trials are not designed for adolescents, but some of them specialize in this age category. Get your parents’ permission in advance, as they will have to sign the relevant documents.

    Method 3 Sale of crafts and old things

    1. Hold a sale. If you do not have valuable things for sale, then parents will probably find in the garage or in the attic something worthwhile, but no longer necessary for your family. Find out if they will want to get rid of old things if you take care of all the worries. In case of a positive answer, look into the basement and the attic, and then paste ads for a sale in your area.
      • It may seem strange, but don’t set prices! People often start haggling with an amount you didn’t even dream of, so let interested buyers name their prices themselves.[12]
      • Offer inexpensive drinks or snacks to draw attention to the sale. In the warm season, you can offer lemonade and soda, and in cold weather – tea and coffee.
    2. Take the old clothes to a thrift store. Some organizations accept clothing as donations, but commercial thrift stores are willing to pay for clothing. Collect all the things, shoes and accessories that you no longer wear to be handed over to a thrift store. Some old or badly worn things may not be accepted, but they can always be given to charity.
      • Do not forget to wash things beforehand, as the cleanliness and condition of clothing affects the evaluation of the goods.
      • A commission agreement will be the best solution for designer clothes. You will not receive money immediately, but your profit will be higher after selling such a thing.[13]
    3. Let’s advertise for the sale of collectible or unused items. If you have expensive items like collectibles that you’re willing to part with, you can sell them on auctions like eBay. Unlike the occasional passerby at a garage sale, you’ll find people who are interested in your item and can offer a higher price.
      • In this case, it is important to take good photos of the goods. Buyers will not risk buying things without high-quality pictures that allow you to examine all the items in detail, so use a good camera and lighting.[14]
      • Discuss the security of electronic payments with parents in advance and ask them to be present during a personal meeting with the buyer.
    4. Create products for sale. If you are talented and love to be creative, you can create various crafts and sell them online. Make friendship bracelets, beaded jewelry, origami or screen printed T-shirts depending on the equipment available and the money to buy the materials. You can create a virtual store on your own pages in social networks or advertise products through word of mouth with the help of friends and relatives.
      • Explore Etsy to see what options are available to you and which products sell best. This approach will help save time and money.[15]
      • Subsequently, the goods need to be sold at a price about twice the price of materials and work, but first it is better not to overestimate the cost in order to create a customer base.[16]
      • If you have not yet decided on the type of products to sell online, then try to first produce seasonal holiday crafts that do not require significant qualification and investment. For example, you can collect pine cones, tie them with a beautiful ribbon, add inexpensive bells and sell them as decorations. If you succeed and there is a demand, then consider doing crafts on an ongoing basis.
      Young Entrepreneur Consider setting up a separate bank account to run your business. Ylva Bosmark, a high school entrepreneur and founder of White Dune Studio, says: “I opened a separate bank account for my business, and as it turned out, I incur a lot of expenses. Everything that I spend on entrepreneurship is recorded in this account, and all income is credited to it. It allows me to keep an eye on my finances.”

    Method 4 Service sector

    1. 1Find out about vacancies at local grocery stores. Grocery stores often employ teenagers as packers and storekeepers. Such employment will be a great start to your resume. The salary will be at the level of the minimum, but constant, if you come to the shifts on time and show yourself as a reliable worker. With luck, you will be able to work and spend time with other teenagers. It is important to make sure that you are able to stand on your feet for several hours in a row, because the work of a storekeeper and packer is physical labor.[17]
      • If the place of work is far away and it will not be possible to walk on foot, then ask your parents or other relatives to give you a ride. Offer to pay for a portion of the gasoline and include such costs in your future calculations.
    2. Become a waiter’s assistant. Usually, waiters and bar employees must be over 18 years old, but a teenager can be hired as a waiter’s assistant, cook’s assistant or courier. So you will be less likely to interact with customers, but you will get valuable experience in the catering establishment (and sometimes tips). Such work also involves significant physical exertion, because you will have to stay on your feet for the entire shift, so you should take into account any restrictions.
      • Working in a café and restaurant is also associated with the risk of slipping on a wet floor or getting burned, so always follow safety rules and get prepared before you start work.[18]
    3. 3Work in a fast food restaurant. It’s not the most fashionable job in the world, but the fast food industry is more likely than others to hire teenagers. The work itself is very simple, but you should prepare for high loads during some hours of work. Also consider the warnings of some economists and workers’ rights advocates who discourage teenagers from working in this field. They argue that due to the lack of protection, rights and education, employers often deceive young workers, so before starting work, find out as much as possible about the institution.[19]
      • As in other food establishments, there are certain dangers in the workplace. Risk of slipping, burns and cuts are the most common problems along with hearing damage due to wireless headsets.[20]
    4. 4Find out about vacancies in places of rest and entertainment. Movie theaters, amusement parks, swimming pools, and similar organizations often employ teens, so consider such options nearby.[21] You will need to undergo training and pass the standards for swimming to become a lifeguard, but other vacancies usually do not require work experience.
      • Also consider seasonal employment options at summer camp and in the panic room. There are a lot of teenagers working in such places, so you can expand your circle of acquaintances and almost certainly become a participant in exciting events![22]


    • Dress properly for the interview! The first impression is very important, and the appropriate outfit will show your responsibility and dedication.
    • Housework is not regular. Parents won’t pay you every day!
    • The employer must comply with all the requirements of the law in order to protect its employees. Work doesn’t have to be a secret to your parents. They should get to know your employer.
    • Consider each vacancy not only as an opportunity to earn. Every job and experience is valuable skills and knowledge that will help you in the future.
    • Teenagers can be officially hired only from the age of 14. If you are under the age of 16, the employment contract is usually signed by one of your parents or guardians.
    • You shouldn’t rely on it, but quizzes and lotteries can be an easy and fun way to make some pocket money. Get your parents’ permission to try your luck!
    • Free posters and message boards can be a great place for your ads. Make sure your ads comply with all policies and requirements.
    • Have you decided to arrange a sale? Ask an adult you trust to keep an eye on finances. Having such a “cashier” will reduce the likelihood that you will be deceived.
    • If you have an old phone, laptop, or tablet that’s still working, try selling it online on sites like Avito.


    • Be careful with online surveys. Fraudulent sites can cause viruses or spam!
    • Sell things only with parental consent. You can’t sell anything you want! You should also take into account the personal value of the item: things that cost 100 rubles for a stranger can be invaluable for the current owner.
    • Be careful with services for electronic payments when buying and selling online. They charge large commissions, so always read the conditions carefully.
    • Ads can be pasted only in specially designated places. For example, an ad on a pole or stop can be the reason for a fine.[23]

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