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5 Ways to Make Extra Money Cooking from Home

    If you’re passionate about food and cooking, then there’s no reason not to use that passion and make extra money. After all, everyone needs to eat, and being able to cook well is a highly prized skill. You don’t even need to be a professional chef.

    According to experts, the hardest part of working on what you like is knowing what you’re passionate about, so you may feel lucky to have discovered it (

    If your family and friends always give you compliments for how well you cook, then it means you have what it takes to prepare meals that other people would be happy to pay for.

    Below, we’ll look at 5 ways you can earn extra money cooking:

    1. Social Dining: Eating in other people’s homes

    The phenomenon of Social Dining is growing rapidly. It’s about having dinner with friends in someone else’s house. There are new social dining platforms popping up; However, in the niche of restaurants-home is real money. It is quite possible to have good earnings by developing your skills in the kitchen.

    There are special platforms that will help you connect with people who are willing to pay the same price they would pay in a restaurant for your menu. Just make sure you get your recipes, as well as your cooking skills, tested in front of a large number of people; before turning your home into a momentary restaurant.

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    2. Give cooking lessons

    If you try social dining, you may notice that there are many visitors asking about your techniques or the preparation of certain dishes, with which we have the following advice to make money cooking at home: set up your own virtual cooking school.

    Again, there are many online tools that can help you do this, the most obvious being Skype. With the trend of celebrity chefs and cooking at home, online classes are an attractive option for those interested in getting started in this world.

    The secret here is to find the niche that sets you apart from the competition, whether it’s a particular type of cooking or special skill. Obviously, previous experience in professional cooking can help, but if you already have a food blog with a lot of followers, these could be your target audience if you’re thinking of offering classes.

    3. Have your own website

    A website can be the perfect tool to showcase your knowledge in a certain area. If you already have one, or are thinking of setting one up, why not go a step further and develop a website that can be monetized.

    There are many content management platforms that will help you offer payment methods to your customers. Once established, all you need to do is add more sources of income, such as downloadable recipes, cooking tools or utensils, cookbooks, or even self-created food products.

    4. Specialize in a niche

    Now more than ever, people care much more about their health and take care of what they consume, there is a large market that makes its way for specific categories, such as gluten-free meals, vegetarians, organic products, etc.

    If you are an expert in any of these areas, many people will be willing to pay for your knowledge. Especially if you’ve developed innovative ways to help produce, design, and prepare certain foods, which is usually a limited range of ingredients.

    5. Have a cooking channel on Youtube

    Another popular way to make money online is through a Youtube channel. This medium is already full of famous chefs, so to succeed here, again, you need a specific niche or topic. It doesn’t have to be directly focused on meal preparation.

    For example, it could be about reviews of the best products or kitchen equipment. That way, you could get sponsorship from manufacturers. The key is to get as many visits as possible to your channel, so you can earn income from advertising. You need to enable your channel for monetization and connect it to your AdSense account. You’ll also need to know (or be prepared to learn) about sound and video techniques to get the best quality.

    When used in combination, these strategies can offer you a full-time income. As a beginner in this field, it’s important to persevere and keep your long-term goals in mind.

    Don’t be discouraged by a slow start, miracles don’t happen overnight. But once you gain the necessary momentum and start building an online and word-of-mouth presence, the results can be quick and great.