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15 Best Websites Where Men Give You Money in 2023

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    Have you searched for sites where men give you money? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place at the right time.

    As a woman, there are several options through which you can make money. One such way is to stumble upon sites where men can give you money.

    These websites may require you to perform one or two actions, after which you will be paid to perform those actions. The amount you earn depends on how well or quickly you perform these activities and, most importantly, the website you visit.

    You don’t have to sell anything. You may only need to act as a companion and participate in some social activities, which won’t make much difference to anyone who loves socializing.

    This article will introduce you to the top 15 sites where men can give you money.

    Is it worth trying these sites?

    Understandably, you may have doubts about trying these websites. The first thing to consider is whether or not you will be comfortable doing some of the tasks that may be required of you on these websites.

    Understanding everything your job entails is critical to the success of the job, so if you’re uncomfortable with any activity you’re being asked to do, you can rethink.

    First, some activities on these websites may require you to;

    1. Participate in video calls: If you’re not comfortable participating in video calls or showing your face to customers, you can rethink or choose other available options.

    2. Be friendly, chatty and enthusiastic: it shouldn’t make much of a difference, just a reminder of what to expect.

    3. Engage in sexual activities that may require you to undress or touch your body. However, you reserve the right to stop the video when you feel uncomfortable.

    4. Participate in sexual chats.

    Above are some factors to consider before trying out websites where men give you money. However, if you don’t have a problem with this, you can try these websites as this choice is up to you.

    How much can you earn on these sites?

    As mentioned earlier, the amount you need to earn varies and depends on the websites you visit and the activities you engage in.

    However, it’s possible to earn anywhere from $30 to $500 an hour, and if you’re a good companion, you can earn up to $1,000 or even more per week. Your productivity is also a determining factor in how much you can earn.

    Your time, availability, and willingness to perform some random actions that you will be asked to do are the most important things needed. Sometimes your appearance also matters, as you may be asked to make a video call.

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    15 Best Websites Where Men Can Give You Money

    Below is a list of the top 15 websites a woman can make money from:

    1. We invite you to the chat

    Through this site you can chat with men on your phone anytime and anywhere. You can get a job on this site as a part-time job. This means that you can work when you are free and when you have part-time jobs.

    At Chat Recruit, you control who you work with, the amount of work you get, and how much you can earn. You have to earn $2 per minute of talking to men.

    2. Rent a date

    This website acts as a dating site for men who hire qualified women who will act as partners for functions and other social activities. Women can also be hired as dates for men whose requirements they meet. Rent A Date is a membership site, and their hourly rate starts at $125.

    3. What is your price

    This website works as an auction site where men bid on women who will serve as dates and hired partners. In the end, on the first date, the one who offers the highest price wins.

    Women who want to make money with this site should remember that this site is mostly about looks, and if they are eventually chosen, they will have to do a lot of work preparing for the date.

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    4. Dreamer

    To make money on this site, women had to share a lot of photos through text. Once a woman is hired on this site, she has to upload her photos. DreamLover is looking for women who can act as models.

    Women can also make money on this site by selling their photos. Women can choose their working hours and schedules. DreamLover is open to women from all over the world who meet the requirements.

    5. MyGirl Foundation

    This website serves as a social finance platform for women. Women only need to be able to act as companions and have good communication and chat skills. Women can make friends, socialize, play pranks if they want, and earn money at the same time.

    Women decide for themselves how much they earn on this site and how many hours they work.

    6. GubService

    This site offers two main types of work. Women can get a job as a telephone actress who sends text messages or as a telephone chat operator. This means that they can use either text messages with men on the phone as if they were playing, or communicate with men live over the Internet.

    7. Find My Sugar Child

    This website gives women the opportunity to meet men without worrying about obligation issues. They can serve as sugar babies for men whose demands and expectations they meet while earning.

    There is no limit to the number of men women can date in this app. There is also a possibility that some women will have sexual relations with men through this website. In the end, the choice is theirs.

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    8. TurBar

    The TourBar serves two main purposes; Find a travel companion on a trip or tour, as well as a date or partner for official events. Thus, women could register as fellow travelers or partners for official events.

    9. Hire a friend

    It remains one of the ideal options for those who are friendly, passionate about friendship and have good communication skills. Many members of this website are ready to communicate with people with good social skills.

    Women can offer emotional support or friendship to people who need it and earn money.

    10. Flirtbucks

    As the name of the site suggests, women should only flirt with men and get paid for flirting. Women can choose the hours and schedule, as well as the men they flirt with. There is no limit to the number of men they can flirt with and they can easily work from home.

    11. Vacancies of the chat operator

    All women need is to socialize, write messages, and make money. They earn about $20 per live chat. The load on this website is small, as women can increase or decrease the time they spend on work.

    However, they should keep in mind that they may have to switch to sex chats from time to time while working with chat operators. However, there is no need to harbor any fear of having to share sexy videos or photos.

    12. Friendly

    Similar to other websites where men give you money, Phrendly requires women to flirt through text messages, chats, videos and calls while making money. Women don’t have to worry about leaking their phone numbers or other important information.

    13. Ispiplates

    This company pays women to receive text messages without having to open them. It’s only open to women living in the U.S., and women who register on this site can earn between $200 and $300 a month.

    14. Tex-kings

    Here, you get paid to become a chat operator, as is done on similar sites. On this site it was possible to become a telephone operator. There are bonuses for good performances, and women who sign up to become text chat operators on this platform can earn anything from £25 to £125. Those who decide to become telephone operators can earn between $15 and $25 per hour.

    15. Text 121 Operator

    This is a website that runs a chat room where eligible women can sign up to become adult chat operators. They should be able to send a minimum of 1,000 texts per month. Women who register on this platform can earn up to $0.07 per message sent.

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    How to identify fake sites.

    In the process of finding sites where men can give you money, you can stumble upon fake sites. How, then, will you be able to identify a fake website?

    • Scan the site for possible viruses.
    • Get reliable contact details that you can save before you join.
    • Check your domain name for security.
    • Judge the site by its professionalism.


    With websites like the ones mentioned above, it’s now easy for women to make money by texting, chatting, flirting, and calling men.

    Women could earn cool numbers by working with the above sites. However, they should take into account some things they may have to deal with, such as sharing photos, participating in video calls, etc., before they start working.

    They must confirm the originality of the website to avoid fraud, as well as to avoid leakage of their personal information.